Can cats see Human Faces?

Cats see a Differently to Us colours will appear different

I have fourteen cats and they certainly know who I am, cats see although not like us they see colours differently to us they are colour blind; they can see shades of blue and green, reds and pink are confusing, purple can look like another shade of blue, cats’ senses are very strong they often go by smell or sound, and they quickly pick up the sound of their owner’s voice.

Cats feel a very strong connection to their person, they respond well to calmness and do not often handle any tension or stressful situations, they will sometimes hide away or wet or do naughty things because they feel threatened.

I have one cat that when he sees me, he meows for me to pick him up and wants immediate attention or if he hears me will meow to tell me where he is.

All my cats want my attention, which jealously can slip in, and they will sit on the other cat to take over they are all individual and want different attention from myself.

They can miss you greatly, years back I went away for a few days I was told they sat on top of my car until I came home once they knew I was back one jumped through the window into my arms and the other curled around my legs, they are very connected.

One of my cats felt threatened by another and for her wellbeing I gave her to a friend, every time I visit, and she hears my voice she comes up for attention, when you truly show you care they are connected in every way.

A cat chooses their human and will sometimes choose to be with someone else not like dogs they are very independent, although if all their needs are meet a cat will not normally stray and be very loyal, if you save a cat, they will love you for ever and be very devoted.


Acceptance is so Important.

Being accepted and loved is so Important

I had noticed how one of my cats, Lilly, has become so loving and wanting to curl up against me and gives a little meow when I go to go out, Lilly belonged to a Workmate who was going to give her to a charity which I had heard if the cat was not homed within a short period of time, they put them down. 

Even though I had eighteen cats at the time, I said one more will not make much difference I picked her up when I dropped him off, he mentioned she has become destructive and is chewing the wires and doing so much damage and runs and hides all the time.  

I slowly introduced her into the family and before long they all had their pecking order and knew who was boss, within a few weeks with patting and reassuring her, her fur started to grow back, my friend noticed the difference in her, there are plenty of toys to play with and the friendship grew with the cats getting up to mischief and playing chase every now and then.  

Lilly would shy away when he came in and, as with most cases of cats that I have taken in, they hide and come out when the person who had them has gone. Cats fear of going back to where they come from if they were not contented and happy or had a bad experience. 

Lilly, like all the other cats, enjoyed their treats and attention they are all individual and like different amount of attention, every night Lilly jumps up on the bed and sleeps into me and comes up for the odd cuddle she purrs and is very relaxed.  

A few years ago, like many of the cats I have, two black cats were dumped one was very nasty and growled a lot I did not see him, he was at my friend’s place the other cat very calm we managed to get his trust but his legs were giving way, I researched and put him on some herbal treatment to get rid of the blood clots which goes out when they pee, I had him neutered and chipped and within a few weeks he was a picture of health, he has never looked back, because of his misfortune I called him Lucky.  He is so loving and beautiful everyone now loves him he has he most largest golden eyes, he loves to sit against me while I am working and sleeps in my arms at night, his brother we are sure has passed on, I believe the only reason this cat was nasty was because of the pain he was in. 

Just like us humans, acceptance of who we are is so important, to an animal knowing you are loved and cared for means so much to them, I am very rich with all the love I receive I am never lonely and they accept me for who I am, when I see the difference in what I do to the lives of the ones I have saved the pleasure and fulfilment is so great, over the past few years I have lost a few to age,  I know they are with me in their spirit and what is important these cats left the world knowing they were truly loved and accepted. 


Torture Human

Cat is in Charge the boss of the house.

Meow to get noticed, dumped in cold wet conditions hungry tired scared a piece of tin to hide under and keep warm every now and then these moving items come up and when they stop for a short time the warmth at the front is welcoming.

When I was small, I had all the attention and now I am fully grown, I am dispatched with no meaning, I am confused, no more water no more food,

In the morning, I noticed cats lining up for food and now meowing, since I have heard there is a place to be.

Yes, I am taken in, wait a minute I am in a box and in one of these moving things, when we arrive there is barking, hiss I hate them, I am carted off and wake up drowsy and feel a little different.

Wait a minute, I seem to miss something, I am not as big. Before long I am brought home.

In a large box for a short time, then I am with other cats, Wow, this is my new home.

Now communicating with the others, the white cat is boss and orderly okay.

On the weekend there are plenty of noises we all hate the large moving things although they get rid of the black annoying things and our bedding is cleaned regularly, wait a minute fresh chicken, beef, fish this is alright and great biscuits not to mention the treats.

Now I am settled in this is not bad, wait a minute communication run and hide meow, meow.

Oh no, on the prowl teeth clean, washed and stuff put on, Meow loudly no difference, I hate that water, now brushed, get that thing away from me I am cornered and my teeth are done, to tell you the truth my mouth feels better, fresh somehow, and even though I disapprove I smell humanly my skin is fresher and licking, I have no fur balls and feel great, purring because I feel fresh.

Now, let see the other kittens are up to mischief, A Ha, curtains, little meows climbing up hanging off the beams, they bend, and the kittens drop, Human comes in now the curtains are fixed and put back.

Now this is fun swinging on the door, leap onto the bed, a human grunt, there is Dusty, Dusty loves sitting on top of the chest, now a lick on the side of the face and wash out the ears she will appreciate that, Oh, no, thrown onto the other side of the bed.

Now this is fun, the wardrobe is open, lets get inside and place tag and run, yes, the clothes are pulled down that should secure it, the clothes tangled around the small wheel she will never open that.

Yes, it is great here, lets place chase it is like having a heard of elephants, running up and down jump over the bed, under the bed and through the house.

Now, my human is concentrating on the phone, a cup, yes, it is full, wait, wait, jump on the phone, disconnected, beep, cup over mission complete, Yelling you cats.

Hate dirty trays, not changed yet, now let us pee on the bench or floor this will get the message, any how it is about time to have a bit of scent around, she will never notice or find this, yes, a little in the dried flower arrangement that should do.

Snowy has just sprayed on a piece of furniture, she has done a real good job, see the wood expand.

Now, this is more like home, Oh No, how does she know, the big machines are out the sweet-smelling cleaners all are washed away that smell of lemon and lime it is all fresh again.

What are the others up to yes, this gets her going pull the cord with claws, ping, ping, ping, okay out you go? Now straight to the other houses let us get some other food nothing like a treat, it is a little different and we have we want we get back home.

Washing it smells so nice, I know a little pee in the middle that should do it, another yell, back in the machine, what is wrong with these folks?

Okay, the clothes are hanging, so a little pull, yes, I can wrap myself around this is fun play ball it smells great.

I hate it, all these cats, Angel, loved being that spoilt one, no more, let show some disapproval, pee in the middle of the lounge chair, after cleaning, before she knew it was left in a different house now with a new person, I now dream of how happy I was when I had all the love from the person I loved, we played snow fights, chasing up the stairs and I went everywhere and snugged under the covers with my lady.

Sandy loves cleaning day, it is great wrap me in the sheets and tablecloth, Thanks for you help Sandy, great fun playing tap and wrap.

We love Christmas all our favourite treats and drink, the Christmas tree with balls yes, jump in white balls everywhere skid and chase the umbrella is on the floor the balls are little annoying when in eyes from diving in, we can smell treats knock the box off the table under, claw the paper, all pull the box it is open more paper clawed and across the floor we claw the treats this is great just wrapping left.

Now heaps of bags, yes this is fun, not watching grab a packed under bed, undo the ham, chicken is eaten.

When there is a human gathering, and pork scratching are left open the packet pull out the scratchings and eat them, make sure when they are buying any more there are the top brand, show your disapproval and walk away and demand the best.

When there are king prawns, pinch what you can off the plate and try and not get caught.

Meow until you get the chicken, and your human gets the vegetables.

Oh no, bags, where has the bags gone, another person doing the trays and food, I know she needs these, not looking, grab and under the bed, she will never find them, funny when they look confused and cannot find what they are looking for.

Yes, this smells good, come on all yes left the large lid, the other lids, midnight treat turkey and sausage gone.

Now, lets see that cupboard is open a little, great fun, flick the back feet, oh yes that has got the bag of treats, done it,

Okay, so lets just twirl between the feet, meow she almost fell over need to watch my tail and feet.

Sitting in the middle of the book or laptop, so the work disappears.

When a visitor fills out the form, eat the pen and roll in the middle of the pad, when they blow in my face, fart in their face walk away slowly.

Pull any tissues out of bags while they are not watching and pull into tiny pieces so when they blow their nose, they get a handful of paper.

While the kitchen window is open, wait until they are not watching, when heating the pan, pinch the rump steak and jump out the window quickly, so by the time they get to me, eaten most of it.

When a friend comes over and sits next to your lady, get up, bite their hand turn around and sit back down again.

When snoring tries and push them off the lounge.

Always, surprise them and run up their back and stick your claws in their shoulders when they scream and try to get you, run off your deed is done.

When arguing with a visitor for the blanket stick your claws in and do not let go, you will win the blanket.

Once, I have eaten to much, I know by meowing at the door, I will see my lady and not have to walk home and be carried home.

Now I know she is working so I will claw her clothes and demand attention, I love playing and we even though we have heaps of toys I love the attention.

I know they hate getting up and down opening doors, it is great, in and out this really pees them off.

After all this activity I think I will just curl on with my person and purr while she watches tv with another cat on her side and behind her legs it is so great here.