Dog – a man’s Best Friend

Best Friend and Loyal

Dogs have been known to do amazing things even save a cat with a blood transfusion, we have guide dogs helping the blind, dogs bark to save their owners life when they are in danger and not knowing it.  

With an older person. having a dog can mean a more fulfilling life.   A lot of people become lonely and often enough are forgotten, looking forward to a chat with a stranger since they have not seen anyone in days, with a dog for a companion gives them reasons to get out go for walks and enjoy the wild life and keep active, helps with circulation and general health and they are great company. 

Children can be helped with disabilities and learning they can be of great benefit and give comfort and be a great play mate and often the closest friend, with runs along the beach and playing in the water.  

Yet all too often these amazing creatures that do so much for human kind are disregarded.  As puppies they are cute and cuddly and when they grow and come expensive this is first soul to go, I have seen some real horror stories on youtube with animals being dumped left to die, or a person passes on and the animal is left to roam.  

They are hit by moving vehicles and left suffering and in pain, then commercials asking for help to donate.  It is too late when an animal suffers, people who think these creatures have no feelings and only an item are so wrong.  

In any animal’s life a bad experience is a memory that sticks and can cause psychological effect on them for life no matter how much money is thrown at the cause.  

These animals need to be cherished, loved and cared for and with proper food and love they give more than they receive.  


How do cats show affection?

Having so many cats they show affection in different ways they get jealous and do want attention when they want it they are very affectionate and loving.

My friends cat show affection by biting her hair and nudging her, at times for appreciation they will bring home birds and mice unfortunately if a cat has had a small animal and it is still alive the cat’s saliva from the cat is fatal and they will pick up temporarily with no antidote the outcome is fatal.

Head butt from a cat is an indication of their affection towards you it is like giving you a hug I love you.

Playful nibbling and foot pushing in a playful mood showing trust Sandy loves to roll around and kick her feet when changing of a bed or table and show her affection with helping with the housework.

Kneading you this is from the comfort of being with mother and a way of showing their love and affection also they are showing you they are secure.

Flipping of the tail showing their happiness and love.

Making eye contact showing and being close.

With my cat Pepsi she loves to roll around on her back showing her tummy with her paws in the air wanting affection and only enough either wise you will be greeted with a bite. Eventually by rolling around on her tummy she is showing she is defensive in case of attack a sign of trust not a care in the world.

Following you where you go, Molly has followed myself to the shops this is because they trust you and love you and want to know where you are or walking in between your feet tripping you up because they want to be close.

Choosing to sleep with you they love to sleep above the head or under the arm or cuddled up, the closeness to you showing their love or licking your ears and hands.

Little meows talking to you cats have different tones in their meows to communicate with you.



Sally Gilson

Sally Gilson lived in Australia until the early nineties growing up she had pets’ cats and dogs and went swimming often with her white cat and white dog across the Hastings River, she then travelled to England to pursue her dream of travelling which she managed to achieve a small amount of.

Moved to Staffordshire where she bought her home and after a short time a lodger bought in a small cat which she did not look after and Sally kept as her own building a strong bond with this spoilt animal, then a stray turned up with tar on his tail and green and soar ears, after a short time with Sally’s encouragement he moved in and lived happily for many years before dying of aids.

Then another stray turned up and stayed and is still happily living with many other cats because of the dumping of cats in the area which would have suffered fatal deaths through the cold and starvation Sally now owns sixteen cats.

Sally saved one cat which lived for six months could not get this cat trust in time even though he had a good life in the end he suffered a heart attack. Because of his misery he would attack everyone and every animal, he had ear mites’ long fur which was knotted and tangled he had scabs and fleas.

Once the cat was maintained and brushed and neutered his personality changed he was very loving and loyal and finally purred a lot living happily with the other animals.

Through these experiences a very quick realisation happened if the cats went to the vet often then it would not be long before Sally would become bankrupt therefore a large learning curve and research was taken to truly understand cats and their health.

Through this knowledge gained getcatcrazy was developed to give high quality products and knowledge to save the cat owner a fortune in unwanted bills since knowledge puts you in the winning seat and gives you control.



Getcatcrazy Newsletter

Get cat crazy has taken a couple of months to build then focus on getting the site known so people can enjoy the benefits of the site.

Even with all the effort this has been a slow start, now we are getting ready to publish our books on cats which is very exciting for us since we are looking to make them free for Getcatcrazy cat lovers.

We have also created videos on our You Tube Getcatcrazy channel with helpful tips from the blogs written which we hope you all get to enjoy and benefit from.

We are still looking to work in with more people to help cat owners and develop in the community.

Over the past few months a couple of black cats has been dumped and it seems unfortunately one has perished.

Over the summer months it is not too bad for cats although as winter approaches the misery and pain comes with it.

We urge people to consider what they are doing when taking on an animal it is your responsibility not someone else’s to take on.

Animals are very sensitive and have feelings like people and Christmas is now fast approaching so be sure when you say yes to that adorable kitten you want it and will love and care for her or him for life.




Living with Cats

Living with cats can be challenging especially if you have several, they are just like children and need to be treated differently depending on their personalities.

Some cats are shy and timid by breed and only want a small amount of attention if they are feed and shown attention when they need it they are happy.

Other cats want to be close and do not want other animals around they can become stress if attention is not given or there is an aggressive cat within the group.
Some cats become jealous want all the attention they can get and will spray to show their disapproval so giving the right attention to each animal can be challenging.

Others are just naughty want to get up to as much as possible if they are ginger and Bangel then this is a challenge they are intelligent and mischievous will pull clothes off hangers, hung up the phone on you, pinch the meat and hide things.

Black and White cats are usually very loving and will show appreciation and want as much attention you can give.

Black slim cats are normally shy and only want a little fuss.

Torte shell cats want attention at night and do not like it when you leave them
Grey cats like a fuss and will join the ring leaders in the group.

As I mentioned from living with cats it can be very challenging their likes in food is different some love king prawn’s others love chicken, and some eat beef, they all like variety and their treats like cat treat biscuits a sure way of getting every cat in is with a bag of Dreamies.

They all need brushing and checking for fleas and parasites the tort shell cats seem more acceptable to fleas and some breeds can be affected with just the touch of a flea.

Having plenty of beds and trays and if they get stressed this is when behaviour problems set in cat’s love harmony in the home and generally do not like change.

Cats are very adaptable, they chose the person they want to be with they grieve and have very good memories they are very quick they can run as fast as 30mph and have extremely good hearing and can see very well in dusk not in total darkness.

They purr when happy or nervous they do no show pain or discomfort so knowing your cat is important.