What would the Victorians make of Today?

When my brother and I was very young we lost our dear mother and was left with our father who did not manage money as well as his partner he sold the house and all our beloved belongings leaving us owning virtually nothing, we treasured whatever we had and before long the fire of the rented home took what was left.

We had little food and clothing was outfits in society and was not accepted in school or with others, this made us appreciated even the smallest things in life.

Today from working in delivery sections and speaking with people who work in major clothing stores when a something falls on the floor or does not reach its destination it is disregarded and thrown away items that sometimes cost us consumer a considerable amount of money.

Then you have the homeless with no money or clothes and a system that is broken in many ways, items that are donated are ending up going to people who really do not need it and waste the food or items. Some charities that are set up a large portion goes to the well off and a small amount to the needy.

Then you have the land fill, filling up with unwanted and non-used items which is helping to kill off our wildlife and help change the weather to disastrous outcomes.

If you went back one to two hundred years and especially war times things were very different, people lined up for tickets to get food and the main essentials a bit like lives my brother and I was forced to live in childhood, people did not waste food or clothing in fact a lot of our crafts come from these areas like tapestry’s to keep the draughts out and keep the homes warm and the old clothing made into strips to make carpets for the floor.

Jams and butters made and kept in large containers with damp mesh on top to keep them fresh and you planned your meals accordingly no plastic cardboard just good healthy substance, thank goodness we have an easy way of living our lives but at what expense?

If these people came back from the past and saw how unwell managed the systems are and unnecessary suffering and wastage what would they make of it? when councils just destroy and disregard any perfect items and the people that could do with these items are denied.

When people come out of prison or are homeless have no real place to go and no way of getting out of the deep depressing whole suffering with health issues because of sleeping rough and no one cares I find this so surreal.

Many hundreds of years ago it was said man will destroy his environment and from what I see we are doing a great job of destroying all in our paths and unfortunately this is accepted with cost rising in many areas causing hardship on animals and normal day people because of greed.

What would the Victorians make of today?


One of the most important part of human beings is the drive inside internally to be loved, to be considered, to be wanted, and to do well, however over time others will knock this confidence if they can.

Internally if you learn to like oneself and be what you want to become then the knocks are just dents in the road on the way, the long path ahead with determination and serious thought will help to get you there, if one gives out positive energy and does what is in their heart not being detrimental to oneself then they will win out, can you find the energies and people that will help you on your journey?

Are the powers within strong enough to direct you where you want to go is the vision strong enough?

What will you do when you get there, will you want to improve and become even better in what you want?

If you can become an island then you will have the energy to get where you want although the road may be a long rocky one, people can take away the material things in life, they cannot destroy true love and honour and they cannot take away a persons drive and ambition unless you allow it.

I have found with every project I have taken on I found that some of my weakness have become strengths and because I stretched my mind and felt uncomfortable at times it has helped me develop, I enjoy great friendships and love my pets and find true happiness when I am creative I get great enjoyment out of creating something beautiful from nothing that is here forever and if the efforts improve lives and makes someone who feels down feel good and happy then it is all worthwhile.

With drive and determination you can gain great heights some actors and politicians came from struggling families with nothing yet they have wealth although do they also have happiness are they at peace with themselves and happy with who they are, a great job done with passion and what you love can fill the soul.

Great Heights can be achieved with Drive


Two sayings from years ago have so much meaning and every time this happens to me, I remember them, my grandfather told me that When someone criticizes you, look at what they are really saying because often they are describing themselves. My closest friend told me that the world is such a beautiful place it is the people in it that complicate it.

Have you ever felt that what someone said made you think that they are correct and you have an real issue, I was told my writing was so poor and when I received an email from the person who pointed this out to me, nearly every word was spelt incorrectly and did not make much sense. Interesting.

When I was speaking with my brother he mentioned he found my ex sister in law very selfish yet I was consistently accused of being selfish because I went after my dreams and achieved what I set out to achieve and the best money could buy yet when I separated my ex-partner drained all the bank accounts and wanted everything leaving me homeless. Interesting.

I was informed I was no good with money yet I managed to pay off the debts my father left and in a short time owned my first home before I got divorced, the person later mentioned they had a company manage their financial affairs for them because they did not want to get into trouble again. Interesting.

We are not perfect in every area we can learn from others and try and put effort into getting better at whatever we do, the main lesson I learned is to trust your own judgement, not put faith into others, every action and decision brings a path of lessons and every failure depending on what you learn can create success when you are ready for it, mindset is so important and there are several people out there for their own reasons may knock your confidence.

Are others really concerned about you, probably not, I was also told to keep a secret in the closest this has a lot meaning if someone is jealous or decides to defriend you, are they going to cause issues that are going to harm you.

I found that the most important advice I had from a friend is not to listen to what everyone tells you, some advice is good and if it fits then that is fine, although some good advice that was correct for someone else may not be right for you, your circumstances are yours and you need to decide, really look at what someone who criticizes you are they really explaining to you what the type of person they are.

Today a lot of suffering is happening because of greed and thoughtless actions, it seems a lot of people will create suffering to gain, I believe that if any suffering is caused then it is definitely wrong every action should create success for all involved a little consideration and feeling good about oneself goes a long way.

Be careful who you take advice from are they really being helpful


Building trust with people can sometimes be very challenging this is building relationships that remain loyal and people feel the confidence to be able to be safe and be able to rely on.

In business this can take years or even months and yet overnight be lost for ever, a few companies I have dealt with when buying products from them they are happy to assist and bend over backwards to get the sale, yet when something went wrong they would not sort out and you had to really stand your ground to get a resolution, a few of my friends experienced the same and none of us will deal with them again.

Through the door comes expensive marketing brochures and offers, even though I know in some cases the product will be cheaper and generally are of good quality I will not give them my hard-earned cash.

So much is focused on marketing, yet not a lot of focus at keeping the customer and really looking after them, the same goes for those companies that are not really interested in their staff and treating them as just numbers and not people, do you think they will offer your client a good service they will often do the bare minimum just to get paid and forget about the company once they have walked out the door.

I have found value and principles are one of the highest areas that should always be considered, look after those that serve you, everyone is a customer build the loyalty and be reliable, because the physical and emotional side of a business is paramount.

I have heard people say they would look after their colleagues and since the boss or company is not there for them, they would not consider them, it is important to pay on time, do what you say, plan and make sure the chaos does not sit in your place.

Why should anyone care if you do not, no marketing ploy will get the results if the trust is broken, with so many scams, cold calls and ways of making a quick buck, people find trusting almost a thing of the past, when so much can go wrong and does and in many cases there is very little protection.

In Alice Springs a company round up large debts promising to pay purchased everything on credit or by cheque that bounced higher than a rubber ball, eventually half the town went into financial ruin with jobs lost businesses going under, when the heat got to much they skipped town and started all over again, these businesses ran for six months one person got paid, Fluffy  put chains around the pillars and instructed the guy behind the vehicle to pull if the money did not go through, imagine going to those extremes.

I would say one of the most important value is to be contactable and be there for your people, and not break the trust the companies that really care find a way of surviving because the trust and loyalty is so strong everyone pulls together because of the added value they find and enjoyment being with people that know how to treat each other and build those strong relationships.

Pricing can be another issue a lot of focus can be on projecting high quality and top end pricing to attract the correct client in some cases this can turn off the potential client since they feel even if the service is needed the price range would be too high therefore breaking the trust of getting a service needed, so the message is sometimes not received in the right way, why the needs are not focused on more, although pricing is important if people are getting real value then a service or product will be considered it is all about the journey experience.

Trust is paramount ,broken, lost for ever

Courts Do We Need Them

I wander sometimes why we have a legal system when it cannot deal with cow boys and shotty work, years ago I had engaged a company to install a conservatory, all went okay until the conservatory was finished the roof was giving way and coming in, I was also suddenly suffering from headaches and at times could not make it into work.

I phoned and wrote to them they did not fix the issues, I had a qualified engineer come to the site and they took the readings the carbon monoxide reading was 7.6 when the legal requirement was 0.03, the company built the roof into the flu which meant if someone had of slept in the conservatory on the day they did the reading they would not of survived. Since the home belonged to me, I would have served the jail sentence not the company that installed the conservatory.

I was advised to get a solicitor to look at this the case, which took over seven years I had to find thousands or hundreds of pounds in short times my credit rating was perfect at the time, I had paid off credit cards and loans quickly this meant I had access to money and before long the debts mounted, I went to court and they closed the case down on me saying I had no case I had to borrow and pull the conservatory down and rebuilt it the company only got a warning sent seven families went bankrupt, another family had a similar problem with another conservatory company the company destroyed their property and the water in the street was cut off for days, again this company was not brought to justice, both victims husband and wife suffered mentally and became ill over the stress. Of course, they are protected and you cannot bad name or publish any company of such wrong doings.

Like most government run organisations and banks real people do not count and realistically what they ask of you is far from reasonable, I was watching BBC and they showed a women with a 16 year old son who had down syndrome and needed the shower and toilet facilities near by she paid the builders 60,000 to do the work they left the building unhabitable and the professional builders and plumbers and electricians has not seen such poor work this affected their health and mental state it was unbearable, the whole house was redone to a beautiful home giving them back their well being and mental stability.

Over the years their has been several shows where television programs have stepped in and helped families giving back to them what they should have had in the first place when our court system cannot carry out and make sure these tradesman do not get away with it, yet these tradesman can sleep at night and be happy to go to the next victim because they know they can.

How can someone pick a good tradesman and get quality work?