Torture Human

Cat is in Charge the boss of the house.

Meow to get noticed, dumped in cold wet conditions hungry tired scared a piece of tin to hide under and keep warm every now and then these moving items come up and when they stop for a short time the warmth at the front is welcoming.

When I was small, I had all the attention and now I am fully grown, I am dispatched with no meaning, I am confused, no more water no more food,

In the morning, I noticed cats lining up for food and now meowing, since I have heard there is a place to be.

Yes, I am taken in, wait a minute I am in a box and in one of these moving things, when we arrive there is barking, hiss I hate them, I am carted off and wake up drowsy and feel a little different.

Wait a minute, I seem to miss something, I am not as big. Before long I am brought home.

In a large box for a short time, then I am with other cats, Wow, this is my new home.

Now communicating with the others, the white cat is boss and orderly okay.

On the weekend there are plenty of noises we all hate the large moving things although they get rid of the black annoying things and our bedding is cleaned regularly, wait a minute fresh chicken, beef, fish this is alright and great biscuits not to mention the treats.

Now I am settled in this is not bad, wait a minute communication run and hide meow, meow.

Oh no, on the prowl teeth clean, washed and stuff put on, Meow loudly no difference, I hate that water, now brushed, get that thing away from me I am cornered and my teeth are done, to tell you the truth my mouth feels better, fresh somehow, and even though I disapprove I smell humanly my skin is fresher and licking, I have no fur balls and feel great, purring because I feel fresh.

Now, let see the other kittens are up to mischief, A Ha, curtains, little meows climbing up hanging off the beams, they bend, and the kittens drop, Human comes in now the curtains are fixed and put back.

Now this is fun swinging on the door, leap onto the bed, a human grunt, there is Dusty, Dusty loves sitting on top of the chest, now a lick on the side of the face and wash out the ears she will appreciate that, Oh, no, thrown onto the other side of the bed.

Now this is fun, the wardrobe is open, lets get inside and place tag and run, yes, the clothes are pulled down that should secure it, the clothes tangled around the small wheel she will never open that.

Yes, it is great here, lets place chase it is like having a heard of elephants, running up and down jump over the bed, under the bed and through the house.

Now, my human is concentrating on the phone, a cup, yes, it is full, wait, wait, jump on the phone, disconnected, beep, cup over mission complete, Yelling you cats.

Hate dirty trays, not changed yet, now let us pee on the bench or floor this will get the message, any how it is about time to have a bit of scent around, she will never notice or find this, yes, a little in the dried flower arrangement that should do.

Snowy has just sprayed on a piece of furniture, she has done a real good job, see the wood expand.

Now, this is more like home, Oh No, how does she know, the big machines are out the sweet-smelling cleaners all are washed away that smell of lemon and lime it is all fresh again.

What are the others up to yes, this gets her going pull the cord with claws, ping, ping, ping, okay out you go? Now straight to the other houses let us get some other food nothing like a treat, it is a little different and we have we want we get back home.

Washing it smells so nice, I know a little pee in the middle that should do it, another yell, back in the machine, what is wrong with these folks?

Okay, the clothes are hanging, so a little pull, yes, I can wrap myself around this is fun play ball it smells great.

I hate it, all these cats, Angel, loved being that spoilt one, no more, let show some disapproval, pee in the middle of the lounge chair, after cleaning, before she knew it was left in a different house now with a new person, I now dream of how happy I was when I had all the love from the person I loved, we played snow fights, chasing up the stairs and I went everywhere and snugged under the covers with my lady.

Sandy loves cleaning day, it is great wrap me in the sheets and tablecloth, Thanks for you help Sandy, great fun playing tap and wrap.

We love Christmas all our favourite treats and drink, the Christmas tree with balls yes, jump in white balls everywhere skid and chase the umbrella is on the floor the balls are little annoying when in eyes from diving in, we can smell treats knock the box off the table under, claw the paper, all pull the box it is open more paper clawed and across the floor we claw the treats this is great just wrapping left.

Now heaps of bags, yes this is fun, not watching grab a packed under bed, undo the ham, chicken is eaten.

When there is a human gathering, and pork scratching are left open the packet pull out the scratchings and eat them, make sure when they are buying any more there are the top brand, show your disapproval and walk away and demand the best.

When there are king prawns, pinch what you can off the plate and try and not get caught.

Meow until you get the chicken, and your human gets the vegetables.

Oh no, bags, where has the bags gone, another person doing the trays and food, I know she needs these, not looking, grab and under the bed, she will never find them, funny when they look confused and cannot find what they are looking for.

Yes, this smells good, come on all yes left the large lid, the other lids, midnight treat turkey and sausage gone.

Now, lets see that cupboard is open a little, great fun, flick the back feet, oh yes that has got the bag of treats, done it,

Okay, so lets just twirl between the feet, meow she almost fell over need to watch my tail and feet.

Sitting in the middle of the book or laptop, so the work disappears.

When a visitor fills out the form, eat the pen and roll in the middle of the pad, when they blow in my face, fart in their face walk away slowly.

Pull any tissues out of bags while they are not watching and pull into tiny pieces so when they blow their nose, they get a handful of paper.

While the kitchen window is open, wait until they are not watching, when heating the pan, pinch the rump steak and jump out the window quickly, so by the time they get to me, eaten most of it.

When a friend comes over and sits next to your lady, get up, bite their hand turn around and sit back down again.

When snoring tries and push them off the lounge.

Always, surprise them and run up their back and stick your claws in their shoulders when they scream and try to get you, run off your deed is done.

When arguing with a visitor for the blanket stick your claws in and do not let go, you will win the blanket.

Once, I have eaten to much, I know by meowing at the door, I will see my lady and not have to walk home and be carried home.

Now I know she is working so I will claw her clothes and demand attention, I love playing and we even though we have heaps of toys I love the attention.

I know they hate getting up and down opening doors, it is great, in and out this really pees them off.

After all this activity I think I will just curl on with my person and purr while she watches tv with another cat on her side and behind her legs it is so great here.

Difference between Glass and Crystal

Glourous Glass

I was thinking about glass and wandered what the differences are between crystal and glass they look the same, yet one is exceptionally dearer than the other, this is what I found out.

Crystal and glass are composed of different materials, with crystal lending itself to a greater shine as well as more intricate designs. While glass is made from sand that has been liquified, crystal sets itself apart with something known as flint glass.

With glass it is made from liquid sand, you can make glass by heating ordinary sand which is mostly made of silicon dioxide until it melts and turns into a liquid a cross between a solid and a liquid with some of the crystalline order of a solid and some of the molecular randomness of a liquid. This is heated at very high temperatures of 1700°C (3090°F).

Three ingredients are needed which are placed in clay pottery crucible, the crucible is placed on a ledge inside a kiln and a fire is lit. Eventually the fire turns the sand potash limestone into glass. When cooled down you have a glass ingot.

In nature, glasses are formed when sand, rocks, often high in silica which is a natural compound, found all around us in nature. Silica makes up over a quarter of the planet’s crust and can be found in most rocks, clays, and sands. Its forms include emerald, quartz, clay.

Glassware is heated to high temperatures and then cooled rapidly. The Glass in Nature display shows specimens of glass made in nature. Obsidian volcanic rock which is normally black is molten rock that has quickly cooled, becoming rock in a glassy state.

Glass tends to be stronger than crystal, which is the reason crystal glassware is often reserved for special occasions, while everyday glass is for everyday basis, furthermore with crystal due to the high lead content, crystal rings when tapped ever so gently and is heavier than common glassware.

So, glass is Sand (SiO2 silica) In its pure form it exists as a polymer, (SiO2) Soda ash (sodium carbonate Na2CO3) Limestone (calcium carbonate or CaCo3) or dolomite (MgCO3)

River sand can be heated to the point that it becomes glass, but unprocessed, natural river sand may not have ideal percentages of silica and often contains impurities that will negatively affect the finished glass in terms of colour, clarity, and workability depending on the type and purity of the sand.

Where crystal is composed of different material, with crystal lending itself to a greater shine as well as more intricate designs, while glass is made from sand that has been liquified crystal sets itself apart with something know as flint glass has high dispersion.  Some companies such as Swarovski and Waterford still use real lead which is why their crystal is so expensive. … Generally, glassware made from lead is safe if used for relatively short periods of tim so you are unlikely to get sick drinking out of a Waterford Crystal glass.

Most glass made in the United States today is soda-lime glass which is a combination of lime, silica (sand), and soda. This is cheap glass no harm, no foul, no big investment. On the other hand, crystal is made of silica (sand), lead oxide, and soda. It is both beautiful and strong.

Historically lead glass decanters were used by the rich to store wines such as port and sherry.

How to cope in Lockdown

Playing games can be fun and unite the family

A lot has been said in the news and on social media about people’s mental wellbeing and coping in these unprecedented times, I would imagine it would be difficult if you are living in crowded or confine spaces, I am lucky I have a home of my own and with so many animals they keep me company and bring a lot of comfort, I found that speaking with friends that have pets have said they would of gone mad if they did not have them. I am not saying to rush out and get a pet unless you are prepared to look after them long term they are for life and have needs and feelings.

Making sure you keep active, exercise of some type like running on a machine or doing exercises by tape and television it is important to keep your body in shape if not go for a walk or run and get some fresh air, either wise you will notice cramps and feeling tired and lethargic.

Importantly eat healthy, make sure you are getting protein vitamin D through green vegetables and fruit, when people get down, they start to comfort eat and feel worse this sap your energy and stops you from thinking, there is only a certain amount of television anyone can watch.

Chill out, I like a glass of wine, hot bubbly bath and music and drift away for an hour or so I feel so refreshed afterwards with the cats coming and checking on me every now and then.

Read, keep your mind active, try and learn something new every day, so you keep yourself on tract and have hobbies this is important to use your creative side, like making something, now I am making a mat out rags, I am lucky I can paint, and do needle work.

In the olden times they played games, cards, domino’s, darts, snakes and ladders, sometimes it is good just to play some of these board games and unit the family.

Try to stay positive and protect yourselves take no chances, always keep antiseptic hand wash with you, by looking after yourself listening and talking, pick up the phone you will find you will come out strong and fresh and be able to face what the world throws at us.

You will survive!

School Children Today

Learning is so important it is survival

I was listening to the news, to hear a lady distress because her child felt useless and depressed since he was not getting any education, which should never happen, when I was going to school and missed some days, I felt I could not catch up and my grades fell well behind, especially since most of my work was done by a kerosine light in a small caravan.

If children, are not getting help then parents need to get help from schools and their local MP, today I cannot understand why schools are not given access to laptops for children and books for children to learn by, it is not ideal although reading and learning is paramount in children being able to survive, limiting them will mean failing and not being able to catch up.

As human beings we are always learning and more importantly a child needs to be able to communicate and add up as basics, history, geology, cooking exercise and all the areas that affect a person’s life. The difficulty is juggling work life, home life, and schooling in confined areas, stress can double the environment can lend itself to mental welfare being affected.

While everyone is locked down time needs to be used wisely, creativity needs to be applied, if children are learning in some way it will help mental wellbeing, and importantly to have a good diet and eat properly, I know from experience without vitamins and minerals the mind needs, learning, and feeling good will be limited, focusing, and retaining information will be jeopardised.

Government has put up a link

Where you can get advice, some help.

Reading can help children and, in some way, even in busy lifestyle, if we have children, we need to give our time and understanding.

Even though times are difficult and hard we will get through this if we use our time wisely.

Every Small Action Can Change an Outcome


I was watching the ten mistakes Titanic made back in early 1912, which from these small mistakes lead to over 1000 people perishing, which makes you think of the decisions you make in the past and today affects where you are today.

The programme explained that they felt the ship was unsinkable and since the sister ship Olympic which was steaming down the Salient having a bit of a race, when the Olympic cut off the Hawk, the large navy war ship hit into her and since the Olympic stayed afloat this then cemented the belief the boats are unsinkable. The next mistake the boiler room was on fire for 10 days which weakened the walling which had been going in the Bunker, the steel was weakened being one of the watertight bunk heads which was leaking 1-2 buckets of the water per day before the collision they used iron nails which was not as strong. Also, Captain Smith who was an experienced person wanted to go as fast as possible, three letters MSG should always be on emergency letters all MSG was given to Captain Smith.

Then in the Mahoney room the messages were piling up some of the messages did have the warning the new route Titanic had taken that these icebergs where in their route.  The Californian which was ten miles away was told to keep out old man, so the operator went to bed, on that night the air had different identities the haze on the distant horizons gave an obstacle illusion, the lookout operators, had no idea they were looking at an obstacle illusion they did not have binoculars if they did, they may have noticed the iceberg which a lot of them had scissor sharp shelves under the water. The north Atlantic was cutting through freezing waters hydraulic rivets could not be used on the bow section, which was made not from steel, but iron had significant draw backs and is not as strong. Impact will go along the weaker parts of the ship, when the ship stopped the people wanted to know what happened they opened the port holes because of the open port holes more than doubled the flow of water sinking the ship quicker. The bulk heads were made to short, 12 meters high was not tall enough to reach the passenger deck level a deliberate choice by designers once the water reaches the top of the bulk heads, they become useless, the operator that told the ship’s operator close by to mind his own business to stay out did not hear calls for help. When the Captain in charge that night asked them to turn the wheel sharp to left instead of straight on, it caused Titanic’s fate with more structural damage. When the flairs went up the other ships thought it was fireworks going off, the first that was out to the lifeboats were saved, since for 2200 people there was only 750 of the people on board saved, from these people losing their lives, ships today are made very different, today, regulations put in place to save lives, many lives gone because of man’s arrogance.

It shows how every decision we make can change our path and impact on our lives, the person we marry, the people we friend and the choices we make to whether we will be rich or poor, happy, or not, it is important we live every minute and take control and be careful with how we communicate it can make an impact.