Trust is so important, without it business fade away

People even more people are faced with so much dishonesty, unfortunately as humans we remember the bad experiences and bad publicity in life, with people getting more educated and cleverer in what they do and many channels to get to their target audience, I wonder how anyone manages to make ends meet never mind survive at all.  

Like a lot of people, I take many calls and view many emails trying to get my money some are genuine, yet a lot are not and are only scammers and fraudsters.  Yet go back some years and a businessperson was able to make a good living giving good quality customer service and some really made more than a living, now a days it is even harder. 

Because of the volumes of communication, like most people a lot will go into my spam folder and get deleted and any thing that sounds too good I am dubious and will be eager to hang up quickly, so gaining trust in the marketplace is even harder today. 

I was listening to the news and to find people being scammed like movie stars and big earners by Madoff who ran the biggest Ponzi scheme in Us history, scamming people out of their money on false pretenses with investment operations that was not legitimate. 

Like most false actions and energy not for the good of people through greed went terribly wrong and died after 12 years in prison out of a 150 year prison sentence which billions of dollars was enjoyed for own gains where did this negativity get him one son committed suicide and the other died of cancer, which they say cancer forms where energy is blocked, when the intention is honest and for a good reason then money can flow bringing good life for all, it seems at times the world straightens out the wrong giving back in some way, although the victims rarely get a desirable result. 

1980’s Ronald Reagan’s campaign speech won over many of the American citizens in large areas of the country gaining the trust of most people with putting forward change of views and values that was important to them at the time.  Bringing American people together stating about fear, and the question of peace, this shows the importance of communication and the actual message, the words spoken the actions taken to back up the meaning of delivering a service experience and relationships which make the difference which people remember and are judged by. 

Now in recent times, many companies face many obstacles with many years of good service go under and trust broken, one most important issue stills stand today, good quality service and alliance with purpose of good to those we serve, gaining trust is one of the hardest areas to gain. 

I believe a good life is gaining respect and trust and leaving every situation in a better place, to help someone gain their goals and bring health and wealth into any part of the environment we work in, can only bring a good quality of life, a fulfilled life providing fulfilment and happiness to ourselves and others around us. 


How are you?

When you Really Care

This greeting was originated in the eighteenth century from Jonathan Swift’s letters. A passing politeness, is there any real meaning? Not usually –  just acknowledging another person, which is accepted in society. 

When you think about it, why do people bother because the majority could not care if you are okay or not, are they there when you need help or want to be heard, often not, they have their own troubled lives. 

Throughout centuries a certain behaviour to survive is needed, I have known a lot of people but only a few special people I can depend on, the rest if they ever get in touch will have a hidden reason. So, it is no wonder that people feel isolated, lonely and despairing with so many non-meanings when passing. 

I have found those people that have a deep sense of purpose that put back into society and put meaning into what they say and do seem to be the happiest people because they can see a difference with every effort, if it saves lives, improving lives or just making that small difference to those they encounter. 

It is not what you necessary say, it is what you do. Actions speak louder than words therefore animals react and behave the way they do, when love is present in the way they are looked after and cared for properly, they do what they know best by the way they react and I see major differences in my cats in a short time, they are all loving, and in their way, they say “How are you?” with the way they look at you, love against you.  

So, when you are asking about someone, in that moment are you really there for them and do you care? 


Calls more Rip Off calls

Always tread with Caution

It is amazing the fact you have a service where you get no spam calls, yet they keep coming, calls for Bitcoin and investments, for timeshare and recorded calls your card is going to be charged, or you are going to be arrested if you ignore this message, or charging your card £600 etc.

It seems that these fraudsters never get caught and just get richer from the hard-working man or women and especially the elderly being targeted, today you must have your wits about you. Press nothing, check who is calling with who called me, and do not call them, phone the actual organisation or bank and check if concerned, once they have the details then your funds could be emptied immediately.

A bit like the Television adds where the older couple lost all their retirement money on investments and had nothing to live on, while the young man enjoyed many holidays in the sun, knowing he is safe from being caught, and even if he pays a small amount of time, the gains are greater. Not to mention the losses of his victims and the misery he has left behind.

It seems that you work hard all your life to have some joy and freedom and when you get to the age to enjoy it, there is a fraudster ready to take it away or paying for care, or your home taken off you to pay for the extreme cost of being in a home. My friends in Australia worked hard long hours in the building trade my close friend ended up with Dementia and is paying $1000 per week leaving her husband having to downsize and sell off most of what he earned to keep his wife in care.

You come into this world with nothing, and society is going to do its best to make sure you go out with nothing.

If you are unfortunate enough to have a bad experience with tenants or workmen all your savings could go instantly and with the cost of courts and depending what side the bed the Judge gets up that day to whither any facts are considered with legal cost mounting and finding you cannot pay to complete the job.

Then these dishonest companies allowed to set up in a new name and proceed with taking more from new victims.

The problem today, it seems that honesty and quality is almost a thing of the past, today more than ever caution and research is paramount to survive, because the law and authorities will only go for the easy solutions it seems.

Remember if it does not seem right or you do not know who is calling, it sounds too good to be true, or needing urgent action, do not follow their instructions, it is likely to be a fraudster.


The Right to Speak Out

Speak out By All Means

Through generations the freedom of speech has come a long way, I can remember my grandfather telling me when he first got married, his wife was not allowed to work as a married woman and had to depend on her husband, in the early 1900’s this started to change, with women taking control and working in the man’s world and making a difference.

Although in a lot of companies I worked in, to speak out often cost you your income especially if you were a newcomer, after several years your security became a little more secure although to go against the grain, often meant you was paid less, or your life made uncomfortable.

Although, if people did not speak out and demand what is right, the world would still be a much worse place to live, in my time I have seen better pay, safer working conditions, although I cannot help feeling with some of the new rules and regulations this has been taken too far.

At least we have in most cases decent living conditions, food, and roof over our heads, what about the people that are not in this position, I have seen some that have struggled and understand what affect this has on people and because they have spoken out and force the boundaries secured property and better living conditions.

If the railway enthusiasts did not speak out, we would not have railways stations today like Workshop and many other stations in the United Kingdom and the steam trains probably would not be running today, so thankfully people have written and stood up for their believes against all odds.

Then you get those that speak out and bring the wrong attention to themselves, sadly when this happens, most of the population could not care at all, and as the universe does so well, for every action there is a re action, speaking out for a good cause and making a difference brings change and change is needed to help with better standards and to keep our planet safe, like our treasured animals and environment.

Today, unlike yesterday with television and social media it sticks around for ever, in the past at least with the newspaper after eating your fish and chips, the paper went into the bin and was unlikely to surface.

Speak out and make waves, make sure it is only for the good or pay the price.


Businesses, will they Survive?

How approachable are You

I have been working on my project for a few years now, and one of the major frustrations is when dealing with companies that want your money and do not deliver, they make it hard to communicate and most of the big players are making life very difficult.  

Email and phone are almost a thing of the past, chat lines and No reply messages, hiding behind COVID-19, will these companies survive?  Times are changing and changing in a big way, I still believe those companies that do right by their customers and make it easy for their customers to get resolutions and take the time to deliver good quality service and products will survive.  

The issue today, is the number of cold calls and when I check the number a lot of the time, they are spam calls, the systems do not work and pity help you if you click on one by mistake or press a number you are likely to be cleaned out, yet they seem to be getting away with unscrupulous actions. 

It sometimes feels as if the world is against you with so many obstacles in the way and knowing who is genuine and wants to help and be passionate about what they do.  

I always tried to deliver more than expected and, in some cases this has paid off, I have made great long-lasting friendships and earned respect from those that know me and, in most cases, has put me in a position of strength. 

The customer focused companies who care about the quality they provide will be the ones that succeed in today’s climate, a lot of good companies that took years to build have not survived this pandemic and more will suffer if quality and service is not upheld.