My cats twitch and move

This year for most people have been really challenging and because of the uncertainly and change have you found that you have weird dreams?, when I watch my cats with the twitching and moving of limbs I often wander what they are dreaming.

My brother and I lost our mother very young and she was dearly missed we had for a short time this wonderful person in our lives, we both had the same dream she never died just went away and came back we where all riding horses in a lovely country side asking her why she left.

I sometimes dreamt of flying and feeling myself running and then jumping in the air and flying through tunnels and over fields, in one dream I dreamt I was being shot at, another dream I dreamt I fell and hit bottom in a mountain of hay.

One morning I woke remembering a continuous dream of burying a body under the house wrapped in cloth like a mummy and was petrified that someone would find out and kept it hidden.

I have woken feeling the mat slipping from me and jolted in bed at times, and dreamt of not being able to pay for the goods I wanted, yet they say dreams have meaning your subconscious mind trying to tell you something at times you may not feel at ease with the situation you are in and this has played on your mind and comes out in different ways from details I have read often the opposite of the dream is the message.

I am grateful for the wakening hours when reality is the living moment and enjoying my cats’ home and friends these special moments that fulfil my soul.

Sometimes I find I will dream of what I last saw on television only in my own life. So what messages are you having in your dreams?

If you are in a relationship or job that is not going well this can be away of your uneasiness coming through and you may feel you need to change your life if you are not happy and unsettled and not at peace with yourself.

Sometimes these dreams can give you direction and help you to resolve an issue you may thinking of.

Great Things in Life

Having valuable and fun time is essentail

What are the pleasures in life that make you feel you are in heaven, what are the dreams and desires, what do we have in life to make us feel alive? 

As a women I love having a hot bath with luxury bath crème, washed hair shaved legs etc once dried put cream on and slip into fresh clean sheets of course enjoy the hour in the bath tub with a good glass of wine and relaxing music it is heaven.  

A long walk where grass has been freshly cut and the feel of light rain on your skin and the freshness in the air and smell of soft grass.  

Travelling meeting new people and learning all about the different cultures and exotic tastes.  Being alert and avoiding being locked up for taking photos where you should not because you did not under the signs and language. 

The hot sun on your skin and the freshness of sea water feeling the warmth and fresh breeze to cool you down or feeling so hot and diving into a freezing cold water- hole and feel alive and fresh. 

To explore activities that you have never done before the thrill of sky diving, rock climbing, scuba diving or exploring to feel the thrill in every part of your body exploding with excitement and joy to know you did it. 

The love of your pet, cuddles and kisses and the loving way they tell you they love you. 

To start a project and not know how it will turn out and find that you achieve a great result for everyone to enjoy. 

Wine and dine with friends and experience great friendships and know you have made a difference. 

The love of your family the special moments laughs and fun knowing you are in their life giving them guidance and hope. 

Watching your favourite programs with a beer or wine and your favourite snacks feeling chilled. 

A warm fire on a cold night and the stars and moon that light the skies with your favourite blanket. 

The sound of the birds chirping and the brilliant colours that light the skies. 

Eating your favourite foods going to your favourite restaurant. 

Feeling the wind in your hair when on a fast-moving bike or sports car. 

Doing what you are passionate about making a living. 

Experiencing the wildlife seeing nature at its best. 

Feeling free and happy knowing all is going to be fine enjoy every living minute. 

Wow life can be good. 


Are grades Everything

On the news, the main point is higher GCSE grades and how unfair the system has been and a total U turn because of the pandemic and how so much importance is put on passing and going to university and how in some cases they are overrun and not have enough spaces.

Yet over the years from generation to generation the importance has been if you do not have good grades and education you will not do well in live and struggle all your life.

This can be true, in some instances since the jobs you may get for the majority hardly pay for your living expenses and when I was doing waitressing and serving behind the bar many over educated people ended up doing minimum paid jobs and struggling by.

Yet some have the secret in becoming millionaires or even billionaires with little or no real qualifications like Pete Cashmore, Evan Williams, David Karp, Bill Gates, Richard Branson Steve Wozniak these people have the world’s biggest companies they did not go to university.

When I listen to those that are selling courses improve your skills and learn how to really market and sell and learn the key lessons the message is in your ability to learn and believe in yourself and do what you are passionate about then teach others, but there are key areas to cover like getting started going out of your comfort zone and challenging new ideas and practices and ignore those on the way that tell you it is impossible.

When people quote amount or make a comment do they have hidden reasons, are they making a comment in your best interest or to gain more than they are truly worth or do they feel good about putting others down, are they trying to point out how great themselves and their company are and to put you off what you are seeking. It is a jungle with a mixture of jealous, proud, in venous or just plain thin minded people.

One lesson I have learned is there are a lot of scammers out their and this should be a major subject how to hold on to your money and who is genuine, the other is with all this education all the big players will aim high and the average guy or start up person who does not have money is not intitled to succeed, and in some cases when you do invest you will get very little back.

So it seems that the real challenge is to put all the pieces in front of you and work it out or get a good coach and this can be challenging in itself to source out someone with the same passion who has got the result you are looking for and speed up the process.

A lot of these self-made billionaires did not have a leader as such they just worked on their idea and worked out the processes and made it happen what they did learn about was has to sell at a great profit and what people needed then convinced them.

Are high grades everything to succeed in life?

Ads, Ads, More Ads

When companies want to get their message across and known they advertise, have we gone beyond the point of return? Does anyone enjoy watching their programme to find they are bombarded with adds, 15 minutes viewing 20 minutes adds, when I speak with any of my friends they state they cannot watch television because they cannot put up with the adds, like myself they turn the television off and forget it.  

I open my inboxes and right at the top more adds, then on the bottom of the screen a reminder of notifications more adds, I look at my inbox and 75% of the inbox is advertising or some scammer trying cleverly to get my bank details to rip out every coin I have or damage my system. Delete button is the most used button of all. In fact, by the end of the day the delete button is smoking. 

I want to enjoy some music on You Tube or watch an article and at least three times a message pop up add viewing cannot click straight off it has to run for at least 3 minutes, I do not want to see adds, I find this so annoying and am not interested. 

In some cases when I have taken up a service from advertisement shown I have paid for it by not getting any value for money. 

So many scammers, so many so called specialists, I find that no matter where I turn I am bombarded by so many adds, if I wanted to just see adds I would watch an add programme, this is over the top and I am sure a lot of people will not use them.  

If the adds were at the beginning or end of a programme people would not mind, I am sure to destroy any minor pleasure we may have is of absolute disgrace, or it is myself and my friends are the only ones that feel this way. 

Then to put further insult we must pay the TV licence to see this bunch of garbage. 

No wonder the old fashion ways are not working people are switching off they have had enough stop bombarding us with rubbish. 

Years ago, the adds where funny and entertaining and not so may we could cope, today it is nothing but a pain giving us more stress, no wonder the mental homes are on the increase and we are starting to line up. 

Feral Cat Population around the World

Feral cats have no right to Live

Millions of feral cats in the world,  destroying bird live and small mammals, these living beings are doing what they know best is to survive, and how did the world get to have this problem in the first place, as always with humans interfering with nature.

Cats initially came to countries on boats to help eliminate the rat population that was eating the grains and wheats, then left to breed, the main problem with today people do not regard these as animals with feelings and needs so they are dumped to left go feral, I have argued and written about cats being neutered which should be free and people pay a licence to breed.

Pet insurance and vet bills being high in some cases you pay three times a much for medication as human medicine with the same ingredients it is time this is really regulated and investigated. I was told once by a vet it is a luxury to own a pet,  I have to disagree cats were dumped and crying for a home I have fifteen most them unwanted they are all loving and have changed dramatically they know they are loved and cared for.

A mother cat in a year can have six litters with up to six cats then after three months those cats have litters from one cat this can produce 240 cats in a year, so I ask you why is the world over populated a little like people lets keep on breeding and take up all of the ocean and land take way the rain forest and vegetation because humans have to have somewhere to live, then shoot what is left and sell for a high price and let the babies die.

Australia and New Zealand out to eradicate any cat because it is killing their wildlife, with poisonous sausage shooting and spearing of course these animals do not deserve to live, they are unwanted not to mention other wildlife it is going to eradicate.

It seems the answer is to take out any animals that cross the human path like shooting of kangaroos and camels, I am Australian when I hear this I feel ashamed that the nation has no heart, yet at the moment they have saved a few kola bears, although if they cause a problem I guess they will go on a shooting spree and get rid of them.

Everything in the world is about money and take as much from the earth as one can, destroy life and not look at ways of preserving it and controlling the problems, how short sited humans have come, I dread to think what children and grandchildren have to look forward too, mankind I am convinced, will not be satisfied until they kill off all animals and drain the seas of fish.

When left with plagues of insects then man will be happy if they think coronavirus is the only threat think again by destroying everything man will kill themselves from just plain greed and no passion. I am totally disgusted with the disregard for life and waste and inconsideration for others and life in general, so when are we going to stop and do what is right? When it is too late, and the balance of nature throws it anger upon the heartless souls left.