Service is Covd 19 Driving you Mad

Companies these days do not want to answer a phone call

I recently purchased a small notepad from Amazon the first item that arrived it was faulty so I sent the item back costing me the delivery cost and requested a replacement, the replacement arrived and did not seem to work properly which turned out to be a lose wire.  

I accidently hit on a area and it turned the device into Indonesian I emailed them and they could not be bothered to get back to me, except to inform me that my question would be put through to their technical team. 

I decided to see if I could sort this out myself,  when I googled the problem I could not get a answer and was totally lost, so I decided to go to Curry’s they informed me their technical team would be in around 11am and would cost £46.00, I replied rip of Britain and walked out.  

I went to a local PC provider down from where I live, they fixed it at no cost and told me that they support their customers fully, I saw a notepad which I really liked for just under £300.00 I went back and put a deposit on, I was delighted with the product.  

I guess you get what you pay for the little device for £85.00 seemed a good purchase and is okay for viewing on line since this was going to cost me to send back and the problems had been resolved I decided to keep the item.  

I would not purchase on line again and use my local supplier and give the business to the local people where I am looked after, it seems you cannot get answers to simple problems and all firms are interested in is the sale and not the customer care. 

I would not of purchased this item if it was not for the help and understanding I received from these technical people and I will probably not purchase from Curry’s after my experience with the girl behind the counter.  

I have always been informed if you provide good service and good value for money then customers will be happy to part with their hard-earned cash and will recommend and become loyal, this still stands today.  

If companies make it hard for customers to get answers not wanting to answer a phone call or email then it will not be covid19 that puts them out of business it will be the fact the customer is not considered, I know this, I waste a lot of time trying to sort out issues that should only take minutes which is driving be mad every day. 

I trust many others are discovering the same frustrations, and I am sure when they get good service they are almost bold over since this seems to be a value of the past. 

Footprints in Time

What does it all mean?

We are always living in future time racing on every second, every minute when I look at a photo years ago it is a foot print in time just an image of that moment with memories of that experience and feeling associated with the time yet it is gone either a memory or mark of history for generations to reflect on. Time has no baring like tomorrow never comes, we breathe eat and either enjoy every moment like the last or not.

We are never promised tomorrow and when I have a cat in my arms purring or a special moment, I enjoy the precious moment for I never know when the last breath will be taken. I looked at a video of my loved cranky cat giving her some reiki and her meowing angrily, she ran out into next door neighbours car and is now gone the moment she took her last breath and now the precious time with her has gone, although the memories of time together is treasured.

I wander from the lessons of life when we have the good times the bad times are not so bad although the scares of life are their to bare yet when we go into eternity the actions and thoughts we did on earth did it make an impact, everyone affects someone in a good or bad way and influence those around us it is how we affect others.

Yet as days past even years how important is the time we spend on what we do, have we left the world in a better or worse place have we left any type of legacy, it seems as time goes on every one is forgotten and I wander what is the purpose of our existence and the time we have spent on earth what is it all about.

The deep experiences of living really living pushing ourselves to do what excites us, for a moment lost is lost for ever, yet an experience of enjoyment feels the soul and if we take our last breath since we have no promise of tomorrow was our lives worth living did we enjoy life to the fullest and enjoy every foot print in time.

Inner Thoughts – Law of Attraction

Inner Thoughts attract Material Wants

I was reflecting on my life over the years when I was in my early twenties I had drive, ambition and goals I wanted to achieve I believed it could happen, I was left with $3000.00 debt which was a lot of money in those days from a car accident since my father did not believe in insurance I worked three jobs and paid the debt off quickly.  

By the time I was 20 I bought my first home with my finance the house prices were rising every three days in the boom, it felt impossible but somehow I knew I would get our home we went to a party and I got talking to a person who turned out to sell homes and shortly after we bought our home. 

While I was dating my partner said he wanted to travel very much the same as me because this was my dream I worked hard and long hours and did not expect the same from my finance we got married I knew we had to pay for this on our own. After long tiring hours and nearly not making it home at times I got my dream and paid off the home.  

Whatever I was feeling or deeply thinking would happen, before long I realised, I was never going to travel, and my husband would insist with everything we could not afford it. I would manage the finances and we received everything we wanted except when it came time to travel, the neighbours and friends told me I was selfish and should be thankful for the fact my husband let me work around the clock and I have everything how lucky you are and you should be a good wife and settle down and have children, the urge to travel had been my dream.  

I had a feeling I would lose the home, and before long the marriage was over, and he wanted 100 per cent of the estate I had to fight for my half after putting in 80%. I was homeless the issue I had, I put other people’s needs in front of mine and they all ways made sure they were well off, I bought this lovely flat for myself and my new partner shortly afterwards left me to go back to his previous relationship,  telling me I would always fail.  

I decided to leave Sydney and live with my close friend in Northern Territory Alice Springs which was amazing country side and life is no place like Alice, then travelled to England I discovered the inner feelings was attracting the events of misfortune to me I really struggled financially, I did a few trips although never got my world trip I so desired.  

I believed against all odds and no money I would get my next home and believed in goal setting although I did not know how I would receive my desires somehow, I always managed too. 

The real issue I had in Australia was I was surrounded by jealous and negative people always putting me down, I now enjoy great friendships and still aiming towards my goals against all odds.   

The power of thought is so strong especially when feelings are sometimes created by the people around us that force their believes and ideas onto us leading us to misfortunate outcomes then you have the real issue of scammers ,forceful people wanting to sell not considering the persons needs just as long as they get the sale no matter what , So how do we avoid them by tuning into our initiative self if it feels awkward or not right it probably isn’t.  

Focusing on the wants ruling out the not wants can be difficult when life throws one obstacle after another and every step is a real challenge. 

Challenge is to live the life of happiness and abundance

Thinking out of the Box

When relaxing thoughts can come to us or when we are edged on

I was listening to the news and the challenges charities face without sponsorship and fund raising a lot of these charities will struggle to do the quality research and work needed to improve and extend lives.

With the hurdles in front of them and distancing this seemed impossible although amazingly this was overcome with single run events raising as much as 6 million for health care workers, also Captain Tom Moore who had a terrible fall and yet against all odds raised millions as well, this is true optimism and doing it believing every day is better than before even other countries where blown away and donated to this such worthy cause.

Amazingly in life nothing is ever easy and it seems with many hurdles scams and a population happy to sue at every chance a lot of businesses will not recover, a story was told about two restaurants in America by a coach in self development one blamed covd19 and went out of business, the other created a drive thru which has created more sales and business than ever before.

Often it is trying to find angles of making something happen and today the norm is certainly not the norm, and with infections on the increase the way of life now is changing for ever, at least we have the internet which has helped with many opportunities.

Although it is getting harder than ever to know who you can trust with so many on the bang wagon to just sell and not deliver and a lot of people being financially ruined by these cowboys and cowgirls.

Poppy Run, Cancer, British Heart Foundation and many more working on ways to create the buzz and income needed, hopefully the hearts of the British People will hit those countries that are not doing what is right by children, donkeys and animals that are poached and cruelly treated get the powers to act and help their nation with the needs for people, why is it some can live in riches over centuries and conflict pain and suffering and seem to be glorified while others suffer asking all nations to donate when they should put their own people and animals first.

When a passion is done and creates beauty and helps others with the correct intend then these entrepreneurs should be supported and helped to achieve the goals they have set, since the world would be a better place but sadly this is overlooked and the ones that do not need the help seem to get all the help in the world.

I truly believe that this Covd19 has happened as a wake up call since we have been ruining our planet and supporting the wrong people for far too long and this will continue until man respects life and do the great things like our British heroes.

Dog – a man’s Best Friend

Best Friend and Loyal

Dogs have been known to do amazing things even save a cat with a blood transfusion, we have guide dogs helping the blind, dogs bark to save their owners life when they are in danger and not knowing it.  

With an older person. having a dog can mean a more fulfilling life.   A lot of people become lonely and often enough are forgotten, looking forward to a chat with a stranger since they have not seen anyone in days, with a dog for a companion gives them reasons to get out go for walks and enjoy the wild life and keep active, helps with circulation and general health and they are great company. 

Children can be helped with disabilities and learning they can be of great benefit and give comfort and be a great play mate and often the closest friend, with runs along the beach and playing in the water.  

Yet all too often these amazing creatures that do so much for human kind are disregarded.  As puppies they are cute and cuddly and when they grow and come expensive this is first soul to go, I have seen some real horror stories on youtube with animals being dumped left to die, or a person passes on and the animal is left to roam.  

They are hit by moving vehicles and left suffering and in pain, then commercials asking for help to donate.  It is too late when an animal suffers, people who think these creatures have no feelings and only an item are so wrong.  

In any animal’s life a bad experience is a memory that sticks and can cause psychological effect on them for life no matter how much money is thrown at the cause.  

These animals need to be cherished, loved and cared for and with proper food and love they give more than they receive.