What does the Future Hold You May Ask?

I read an article that stated depending if you are in the United States or China to whether you would be richer or poorer, with uncertainly of health at this stage and waiting for the miracles to happen now it is all about survival and being careful.

Technology will no doubt develop at a great rate and we will soon be living like the cartoons years ago with maybe flying cars etc one thing is for sure if we keep populating the world and disrespecting it survival may be the only thing on people’s minds.

With temperatures warming up and, in some articles, I have read any smaller islands we enjoy now will be under water as well as the coast of many countries, so the decision of where to live to enjoy our beaches, forests, woodlands become a priority.

From my prospective with many salaries for the working class in fact going down since you are paid the same or less than years ago, unless you are a politician and get a underserved pay rise who cannot cope on three times more than the rest of us, the majority looking for work and prices going up I feel many will be so much poorer I watched about the milk and these passionate farmers who are barely earning enough to live on and if they cannot afford to feed the calves then they are shot to death. A waste of life I am glad I am not a cow.

For many pets they are abandoned and with the good will of charities do we really get the correct news I have heard some say they cannot take them in, and these animals suffer and left to die. Life all around is savage with trying to stop illegal trade and all this has a long-term effect on our economy especially if we are going to fund the wrong morals of life.

Through education and supporting life is the way I see a better future and it is coming clear to me that the next generation to survive and live a life of wealth in all areas is to somehow find their passion in a niece area that serves others and capitalize on it, life reminds me of the time I was in Bundaberg Queensland at dusk we went to see the baby tortoises that hatched scramble down the beach to the sea, some will get eaten by predators and only a few will grow into adult hood.

What will the future hold and will mankind save himself from himself.

Could this experience only be in photos in the future

Solution to Earth’s Population developed by Scientist

On the weekend I was listening to the dangers today and the subject of plastic came up, interestingly enough there was mention of a solution, why is plastic causing so many problems when initially it saved so many of our animals, we once made items out of ivory, bone wood tortoise shell and if this kept up, we would soon make these animals extinct.  

Scientist got to together and discovered that left over oil and acid would make plastic with different chemicals to the type of plastic made like protection hats and everyday items within the home, carrying water and many other uses.  

The problem is discarded plastic in landfills around the world can take 450 years to break down and burning of plastic puts dangerous harmful toxic gases like dioxins furans mercury and polychlorinated biphenyls into the atmosphere and if incinerators are inefficient, these leak into the environment. 

The consultancy Eunomia says plastics burned in incinerators set up to generate only electricity create heat at 25% efficiency. This is much lower than the 55% efficiency for new gas-fired power stations. This poses a threat to vegetation and human and animal health, burning of plastic releases black carbon soot which contributes to climate and air pollution. 

I researched this to find that Indian researchers at Shiv Nadar University in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, have identified two strains of ‘plastic-eating’ bacteria from the wetlands of Greater Noida, an advance that may lead to eco-friendly alternative in tackling the plastic pollution crisis. Wetlands are one of the richest habitats of microbial diversity. The bacterial strains have the potential to decompose polystyrene—a key component in Single-Use Plastic (SUP) items such as disposable cups, cutlery, toys, packaging materials etc. Polystyrene is quite resistant to degradation due to its hight molecular weight and long chain polymer structure. 

Therefore, they started a scientific exploration of the wetland in their campus which has led to this significant discovery of plastic-eating bacteria,” said Rupamanjari Ghosh, Vice-Chancellor, Shiv Nadar University. 

In the article they stated they started out by just exploring the area to get a sense of bacterial species prevalent in these areas, but ended up isolating numerous bacterial species with unique and useful properties,” added Priyadarshini. 

With new bacterial species being discovered with plastic biodegradation ability, she noted that novel enzymes and new potential metabolic pathways can be discovered which could help in bioremediation in the future. 

The researchers noted that Exiguobacterium strains were able to establish biofilms on polystyrenes surfaces. 

Biofilms are an assemblage of bacterial cells, which grow as communities, reaching to very high cell densities. 

This leads to more targeted and localised action of polymer degrading enzymes, the researchers said. 

I then looked at what the United Kingdom was doing they stated that a super-enzyme that degrades plastic bottles six times faster than before has been created by scientists and could be used for recycling within a year or two. 

The super-enzyme, derived from bacteria that naturally evolved the ability to eat plastic, enables the full recycling of the bottles. Scientists believe combining it with enzymes that break down cotton could also allow mixed-fabric clothing to be recycled. Today, millions of tonnes of such clothing are either dumped in landfill or incinerated 

In this article they state the whole planet is contaminated from the Arctic to the deepest oceans and people are known to consume and breathe microplastic particles. 

The super enzyme was engineered by linking two separate enzymes both of which were found in the plastic eating bug discovered at a Japanese waste site in 2016 the first enzyme engineered in 2018 which started breaking down the plastic in a few days the super enzyme gets to work six times faster. 

With this at hand it makes you wonder why this is not put into action sooner rather than later. 

Plastic is Destroying our Planet Need to Clean Up

The Big Clean Up

I wanted to write about the issues of today because of the sadness it brings to me with what the future could be like for future generations, I was speaking with an older person whose son went to Australia to see the Barrier Reef, years ago it was so beautiful with heaps of colour and life clear waters and fresh, he was so disappointed. The coral in his words was turning white and it was dying off.

Then on television I watched about the majestic Nile the world’s longest river dying with plastic over 80,000 tonnes of plastic going into oceans as far away as 4000 miles the locals depend on the river for centuries today for their lively hood, then I watched the local vet takeout two large plastic bags from a year-old cow so it could eat, this is everywhere strangling life.

When we have been lucky enough to have such beauty given to us, fresh waters, and fertile land, yet man has ignored the sincerity of the problem with waste disposal spilling over into Lake Victoria then into main rivers the main concern is decades of waste into the ocean becoming micro plastics getting into the food chain disrupting the Ecco system destroying birds’ small mammals the fish are having no choice but to eat plastic. When studies were taken it showed even catfish that live on the bottom have micro plastics which affects their digestive system reproduction with the small plastic insects attach which causes poisonous toxins this affects the 80% of farming especially in Ethiopia the Nile is considered as greatest ancestor of civilization flowing through Gondor.

It is estimated population will more than double in thirty years yet the crops like wheat coffee cotton is threaten meaning no money or food and when you consider big plastic bags in animals like calves and cows, goats cutting off their digestive system this is serious, although it is not just Africa but worldwide where the problem of pollution is a major concern.

Technology is great, although humans have taken their environment for granted with the giants making large sums of money and a throwaway society fast moving it has now affected the richer countries with main marine life to farming being affected the food chain could be a struggle to obtain. A lot more needs to be done to stop waste and put back into production, or the lands will dry up and become non fertile and the rivers run no more, I find this a scary place to be we are now seeing the knock on affect it has on human way of life as well as animal survival.

Beauty of the Nile and life is being strangled

What would the Victorians make of Today?

When my brother and I was very young we lost our dear mother and was left with our father who did not manage money as well as his partner he sold the house and all our beloved belongings leaving us owning virtually nothing, we treasured whatever we had and before long the fire of the rented home took what was left.

We had little food and clothing was outfits in society and was not accepted in school or with others, this made us appreciated even the smallest things in life.

Today from working in delivery sections and speaking with people who work in major clothing stores when a something falls on the floor or does not reach its destination it is disregarded and thrown away items that sometimes cost us consumer a considerable amount of money.

Then you have the homeless with no money or clothes and a system that is broken in many ways, items that are donated are ending up going to people who really do not need it and waste the food or items. Some charities that are set up a large portion goes to the well off and a small amount to the needy.

Then you have the land fill, filling up with unwanted and non-used items which is helping to kill off our wildlife and help change the weather to disastrous outcomes.

If you went back one to two hundred years and especially war times things were very different, people lined up for tickets to get food and the main essentials a bit like lives my brother and I was forced to live in childhood, people did not waste food or clothing in fact a lot of our crafts come from these areas like tapestry’s to keep the draughts out and keep the homes warm and the old clothing made into strips to make carpets for the floor.

Jams and butters made and kept in large containers with damp mesh on top to keep them fresh and you planned your meals accordingly no plastic cardboard just good healthy substance, thank goodness we have an easy way of living our lives but at what expense?

If these people came back from the past and saw how unwell managed the systems are and unnecessary suffering and wastage what would they make of it? when councils just destroy and disregard any perfect items and the people that could do with these items are denied.

When people come out of prison or are homeless have no real place to go and no way of getting out of the deep depressing whole suffering with health issues because of sleeping rough and no one cares I find this so surreal.

Many hundreds of years ago it was said man will destroy his environment and from what I see we are doing a great job of destroying all in our paths and unfortunately this is accepted with cost rising in many areas causing hardship on animals and normal day people because of greed.

What would the Victorians make of today?


One of the most important part of human beings is the drive inside internally to be loved, to be considered, to be wanted, and to do well, however over time others will knock this confidence if they can.

Internally if you learn to like oneself and be what you want to become then the knocks are just dents in the road on the way, the long path ahead with determination and serious thought will help to get you there, if one gives out positive energy and does what is in their heart not being detrimental to oneself then they will win out, can you find the energies and people that will help you on your journey?

Are the powers within strong enough to direct you where you want to go is the vision strong enough?

What will you do when you get there, will you want to improve and become even better in what you want?

If you can become an island then you will have the energy to get where you want although the road may be a long rocky one, people can take away the material things in life, they cannot destroy true love and honour and they cannot take away a persons drive and ambition unless you allow it.

I have found with every project I have taken on I found that some of my weakness have become strengths and because I stretched my mind and felt uncomfortable at times it has helped me develop, I enjoy great friendships and love my pets and find true happiness when I am creative I get great enjoyment out of creating something beautiful from nothing that is here forever and if the efforts improve lives and makes someone who feels down feel good and happy then it is all worthwhile.

With drive and determination you can gain great heights some actors and politicians came from struggling families with nothing yet they have wealth although do they also have happiness are they at peace with themselves and happy with who they are, a great job done with passion and what you love can fill the soul.

Great Heights can be achieved with Drive