Do you ask yourself why do you bother?

I am finding the world is turning against honest people more and more with scams and fraudsters and government taking every penny.

Working long hours and sometimes the money does not seem to add up while others seem to be getting an easy ride, an honest crust and living, a roof over our heads and food in our tummies and being able to protect the ones we love.

Today it seems life is moving faster away from the values of life with animals abandoned, children not valued murdered or beaten and the authorities even turning to murder.

No one cares, no one is listening, where is this all going to end up the focus on more builds and less farming and the areas that feed our nation downtrodden and discarded.

It makes you wonder if the universe is going to shrink with no stars and no more, maybe this is the only way for the planet to go, since creed and killings seems to be the way of today.

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