Should guns in Today’s World be Allowed to be Legal?

Guns should be a thing of the past.

History Detectives State the history of Firearms

The development of modern weapons started as far back as 1364, with the introduction of automatic handguns by 1380 handguns were known across Europe with the matchlock gun appearing in 1400’s. In 1640 the Colonial America introduced the muskets.

In 1498 Rifling principle is discovered with Invention of the wheel lock in 1509, 1540 Rifling appears in firearms and 1607 Settlers arrive in Jamestown, Virginia, by 1630 the first true flintlock, which was used by German mercenaries during the American Revolution. In 1637 first use of firearms proof marks, 1750-1850 Duelling pistols came into fashion. In 1776 American Revolution and 1807 Percussion detonating principle patented, 1825 Percussion cap guns are in general use. 1835 The first Colt revolver. 1840 guns begin to use pin fire cartridges, 1847 the telegraph is invented, 1850 true shotguns in common use for leisure sports. 1854-1856 The Crimean War with the use of muzzle loaded guns, 1859 the first full rim fire cartridge, 1860 Spencer repeating carbine patented which became the principal repeating gun of the civil war.  1861 Breech loaded guns in common use, 1861-1865 American Civil War, 1862 The Gatling gun is invented, 1869 Center Fire Cartridge introduced, 1870-1871 The Franco German War, 1871 First cartridge revolver, 1873 Winchester rifle introduced the first automatic rifle that would become widely used. 1876 Custer defeated at Little Big Horn, 1877 First effective double action revolver, 1879 Lee Box Magazine patented, 1892 Advent of automatic handguns.

Only one purpose to kill and yet with America having the highest killings people are allowed to obtain guns under their gun laws, with too many people in the world is life so undervalued that citizens cannot have the choice to live out their full entitlement of life.

Over centuries, just like Afghan, these weapons are destroying people lives and bringing them to hunger despair taking away the ability to feed themselves and develop healthy nations, instead the politics and power to be with force take control and beg the rest of the world to donate, in the 21st century this is Barrick, only difference we have bigger weapons like the destruction of atomic bombs ending World War 2, again greed. Then talk of Soviet nuclear strategy the dooms day bomb, will man end this planet? They certainly have the ability, has life becomes worthless on all areas.

Now in recent news families in Plymouth are mourning the dead of the innocent taking away the right for child to live their full life. Not so many years ago Australia had a similar instance Port Arthur Massacre with 35 dead.

Mental stability of nations is in constant testing, so why is it not those firearms are banned except for legalised shooting ranges.

Continuation of killing for the sake of it, is going to leave the world so unstable that covid 19 is not going to be the only thing the world will have to contend with, the politicians of the world have the powers to implement laws to protect their people and nations, yet this is not happening. Only when it is too late will they seek to blame and investigate such matters then the next one, will our streets ever be safe to enter or are we living in a war zone?

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