Stats State in the Past 50 years there are more Single People by 50%

Single People Can Have More Fun.

Is interesting how more and more people choose to be single and if I take my own experiences into consideration I can understand why there are 16 million people aged 16 or over who are single and have never cohabited or married, equivalent to 34.5% of the adult population. There are 19.8 million people not living as a couple equivalent to 39% of the adult population.

Researchers say that unmarried people have a unique advantage: They are more active socially, which means they’re sometimes even happier than their married counterparts. … He also found that the more social interactions people engage in, the happier they are even more so for single people than married people.

When I think of my grandparent’s day and my parents time you were classed as nobody or something wrong if you were not married and tied to the sink with apron strings and depended on the man.

Thank goodness the sixties had an impact on the world and spoke out for women’s right although it is far from even women in some cases are still paid less than their counterparts.

I used to think of sharing a life with someone and trusting them fully in my life as heaven, I have experienced quiet the opposite, I always ended up paying the price for being in a relationship which I found not only the expense of being with someone, but also, I was less confident and did less.

Surprising I found happiness in being with my friend’s male and female and my cats I put more trust into them, they may cost me, but it is worthwhile for the return of love and affection I get.

I found from speaking with people they would not marry again and certainly would not have the pressures of relationships, today I feel more than ever it is such a risky time, since a lot of people have hidden genders.

Being single has not got the stigma it had years ago, I find I am more creative, more outgoing and when ever I went on my own on holidays I was not always alone, people spoke to you and joined you in with what they were doing.

Also, the money you earn and goals you set you are more likely to achieve, I almost got my goal of travel, it was taken at the last minute and I was left homeless after paying off my house with my partner, I promised myself I would never be in that position again.

I am a free spirit and do not like to live by demands of others being able to go where I want and go out when I want and do the activities that please me and at least the only person I must consider is myself.

I have found single life very rewarding, I felt very lonely in my marriage since the demands were great and I was expected to please so many people with what they wanted, being a free spirit suits me and I think most people today it seems they feel the same way.

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