Do People Really Mean what they Say.

Can we bring our Thoughts to Reality?

In life you sometimes reflect, I wanted to mention about a situation with a young woman, this probably happen to many, and they will also feel they are not deserving, and, in many ways, they probably believe the saying life is what you make it, yet it does not seem to happen.

Although some young people get served a bad hand, this person lost her mother very young, the person that kept the harmony and made life worth living.

She did all the legal things the right way, however this night she was going to college to try and get her final year of schooling since her schooling ended two years before she got her grades, her father’s drinking and the living conditions that was forced upon her and her brother made it impossible for her to complete her schooling.

She left the college early in her fathers car and came to an island stopped ,went to go, stopped and a car hit her on the right side which meant she was automatically in the wrong, the car flew into another car the other car went into the brick fence, while she was recuperating her fathers sister signed up for the most expensive quotes three times more than the items, which was  a years wages which meant this young women had to work three jobs to pay for the expenses, been told she should be a shame of her self because her father had no car which he would not insure. To add further pressure a late payment would mean more legal charges.

When this lady moved into her own rented flat, she suddenly had more money than living with her father who drank constantly, she worked the long hours, her neighbour the same age as her father asked why she went out so much. She explained what had happened, with a concern look, his reply was how could a father do that to his own daughter, and it would be great if his son and her got together.

As it happens the son and this lady did get together and in no time saved for their own home, after a short time in the marriage cracks started to appear because of the constant problems with the family and neighbours, this young women felt so alone no one to turn to, just criticism and her dreams were falling away she always wanted to travel since she was a small girl, she worked long hours since she did not expect her husband to provide the dream, this was what she wanted, he mentioned it was a dream of his as well, he only worked one job, the following year they would have had the money.

They had made it, long nights and very little sleep she had the security of her home, although there was a nudge, she felt it was not secure, her husband would not talk about the dream or plan with her, instead insisted on an inground pool and with the cars and house paid said it was not up for discussion and they would never be able to afford it and went straight down to the neighbours.

The neighbours and family insisted they were good Catholics and since this young woman was not, she was not worthy and should have children straight away and kept at her, in the end the marriage ended.

The parents of the young man and neighbours insisted this woman who left the situation should have nothing that the young man should have the house and all the money which he took out the money so the young lady had nothing to live on, also she had to go through solicitors to get her clothes out  of the house, only when she insisted on 78 percent that she was really entitled to they backed down, and while she packed the truck they took items off.

In life the important thing, I think this young woman realised that you must value yourself and know what your values are, attract the real friends and people in your life, not the ones with a hidden agenda, when both people want something, both should work at it and not expect the other person to do all the work.

One of this lady’s friend would often say you do not want to be a door mat, if you let it, people will wipe their feet on you.

Over many years this person has lost a lot, although she always stayed strong, and the spirit was never broken she just mixed in different circles better ones.

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