Trust is so important, without it business fade away

People even more people are faced with so much dishonesty, unfortunately as humans we remember the bad experiences and bad publicity in life, with people getting more educated and cleverer in what they do and many channels to get to their target audience, I wonder how anyone manages to make ends meet never mind survive at all.  

Like a lot of people, I take many calls and view many emails trying to get my money some are genuine, yet a lot are not and are only scammers and fraudsters.  Yet go back some years and a businessperson was able to make a good living giving good quality customer service and some really made more than a living, now a days it is even harder. 

Because of the volumes of communication, like most people a lot will go into my spam folder and get deleted and any thing that sounds too good I am dubious and will be eager to hang up quickly, so gaining trust in the marketplace is even harder today. 

I was listening to the news and to find people being scammed like movie stars and big earners by Madoff who ran the biggest Ponzi scheme in Us history, scamming people out of their money on false pretenses with investment operations that was not legitimate. 

Like most false actions and energy not for the good of people through greed went terribly wrong and died after 12 years in prison out of a 150 year prison sentence which billions of dollars was enjoyed for own gains where did this negativity get him one son committed suicide and the other died of cancer, which they say cancer forms where energy is blocked, when the intention is honest and for a good reason then money can flow bringing good life for all, it seems at times the world straightens out the wrong giving back in some way, although the victims rarely get a desirable result. 

1980’s Ronald Reagan’s campaign speech won over many of the American citizens in large areas of the country gaining the trust of most people with putting forward change of views and values that was important to them at the time.  Bringing American people together stating about fear, and the question of peace, this shows the importance of communication and the actual message, the words spoken the actions taken to back up the meaning of delivering a service experience and relationships which make the difference which people remember and are judged by. 

Now in recent times, many companies face many obstacles with many years of good service go under and trust broken, one most important issue stills stand today, good quality service and alliance with purpose of good to those we serve, gaining trust is one of the hardest areas to gain. 

I believe a good life is gaining respect and trust and leaving every situation in a better place, to help someone gain their goals and bring health and wealth into any part of the environment we work in, can only bring a good quality of life, a fulfilled life providing fulfilment and happiness to ourselves and others around us. 

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