How are you?

When you Really Care

This greeting was originated in the eighteenth century from Jonathan Swift’s letters. A passing politeness, is there any real meaning? Not usually –  just acknowledging another person, which is accepted in society. 

When you think about it, why do people bother because the majority could not care if you are okay or not, are they there when you need help or want to be heard, often not, they have their own troubled lives. 

Throughout centuries a certain behaviour to survive is needed, I have known a lot of people but only a few special people I can depend on, the rest if they ever get in touch will have a hidden reason. So, it is no wonder that people feel isolated, lonely and despairing with so many non-meanings when passing. 

I have found those people that have a deep sense of purpose that put back into society and put meaning into what they say and do seem to be the happiest people because they can see a difference with every effort, if it saves lives, improving lives or just making that small difference to those they encounter. 

It is not what you necessary say, it is what you do. Actions speak louder than words therefore animals react and behave the way they do, when love is present in the way they are looked after and cared for properly, they do what they know best by the way they react and I see major differences in my cats in a short time, they are all loving, and in their way, they say “How are you?” with the way they look at you, love against you.  

So, when you are asking about someone, in that moment are you really there for them and do you care? 

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