Calls more Rip Off calls

Always tread with Caution

It is amazing the fact you have a service where you get no spam calls, yet they keep coming, calls for Bitcoin and investments, for timeshare and recorded calls your card is going to be charged, or you are going to be arrested if you ignore this message, or charging your card £600 etc.

It seems that these fraudsters never get caught and just get richer from the hard-working man or women and especially the elderly being targeted, today you must have your wits about you. Press nothing, check who is calling with who called me, and do not call them, phone the actual organisation or bank and check if concerned, once they have the details then your funds could be emptied immediately.

A bit like the Television adds where the older couple lost all their retirement money on investments and had nothing to live on, while the young man enjoyed many holidays in the sun, knowing he is safe from being caught, and even if he pays a small amount of time, the gains are greater. Not to mention the losses of his victims and the misery he has left behind.

It seems that you work hard all your life to have some joy and freedom and when you get to the age to enjoy it, there is a fraudster ready to take it away or paying for care, or your home taken off you to pay for the extreme cost of being in a home. My friends in Australia worked hard long hours in the building trade my close friend ended up with Dementia and is paying $1000 per week leaving her husband having to downsize and sell off most of what he earned to keep his wife in care.

You come into this world with nothing, and society is going to do its best to make sure you go out with nothing.

If you are unfortunate enough to have a bad experience with tenants or workmen all your savings could go instantly and with the cost of courts and depending what side the bed the Judge gets up that day to whither any facts are considered with legal cost mounting and finding you cannot pay to complete the job.

Then these dishonest companies allowed to set up in a new name and proceed with taking more from new victims.

The problem today, it seems that honesty and quality is almost a thing of the past, today more than ever caution and research is paramount to survive, because the law and authorities will only go for the easy solutions it seems.

Remember if it does not seem right or you do not know who is calling, it sounds too good to be true, or needing urgent action, do not follow their instructions, it is likely to be a fraudster.

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