The Right to Speak Out

Speak out By All Means

Through generations the freedom of speech has come a long way, I can remember my grandfather telling me when he first got married, his wife was not allowed to work as a married woman and had to depend on her husband, in the early 1900’s this started to change, with women taking control and working in the man’s world and making a difference.

Although in a lot of companies I worked in, to speak out often cost you your income especially if you were a newcomer, after several years your security became a little more secure although to go against the grain, often meant you was paid less, or your life made uncomfortable.

Although, if people did not speak out and demand what is right, the world would still be a much worse place to live, in my time I have seen better pay, safer working conditions, although I cannot help feeling with some of the new rules and regulations this has been taken too far.

At least we have in most cases decent living conditions, food, and roof over our heads, what about the people that are not in this position, I have seen some that have struggled and understand what affect this has on people and because they have spoken out and force the boundaries secured property and better living conditions.

If the railway enthusiasts did not speak out, we would not have railways stations today like Workshop and many other stations in the United Kingdom and the steam trains probably would not be running today, so thankfully people have written and stood up for their believes against all odds.

Then you get those that speak out and bring the wrong attention to themselves, sadly when this happens, most of the population could not care at all, and as the universe does so well, for every action there is a re action, speaking out for a good cause and making a difference brings change and change is needed to help with better standards and to keep our planet safe, like our treasured animals and environment.

Today, unlike yesterday with television and social media it sticks around for ever, in the past at least with the newspaper after eating your fish and chips, the paper went into the bin and was unlikely to surface.

Speak out and make waves, make sure it is only for the good or pay the price.

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