Businesses, will they Survive?

How approachable are You

I have been working on my project for a few years now, and one of the major frustrations is when dealing with companies that want your money and do not deliver, they make it hard to communicate and most of the big players are making life very difficult.  

Email and phone are almost a thing of the past, chat lines and No reply messages, hiding behind COVID-19, will these companies survive?  Times are changing and changing in a big way, I still believe those companies that do right by their customers and make it easy for their customers to get resolutions and take the time to deliver good quality service and products will survive.  

The issue today, is the number of cold calls and when I check the number a lot of the time, they are spam calls, the systems do not work and pity help you if you click on one by mistake or press a number you are likely to be cleaned out, yet they seem to be getting away with unscrupulous actions. 

It sometimes feels as if the world is against you with so many obstacles in the way and knowing who is genuine and wants to help and be passionate about what they do.  

I always tried to deliver more than expected and, in some cases this has paid off, I have made great long-lasting friendships and earned respect from those that know me and, in most cases, has put me in a position of strength. 

The customer focused companies who care about the quality they provide will be the ones that succeed in today’s climate, a lot of good companies that took years to build have not survived this pandemic and more will suffer if quality and service is not upheld. 

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