How to cope in Lockdown

Playing games can be fun and unite the family

A lot has been said in the news and on social media about people’s mental wellbeing and coping in these unprecedented times, I would imagine it would be difficult if you are living in crowded or confine spaces, I am lucky I have a home of my own and with so many animals they keep me company and bring a lot of comfort, I found that speaking with friends that have pets have said they would of gone mad if they did not have them. I am not saying to rush out and get a pet unless you are prepared to look after them long term they are for life and have needs and feelings.

Making sure you keep active, exercise of some type like running on a machine or doing exercises by tape and television it is important to keep your body in shape if not go for a walk or run and get some fresh air, either wise you will notice cramps and feeling tired and lethargic.

Importantly eat healthy, make sure you are getting protein vitamin D through green vegetables and fruit, when people get down, they start to comfort eat and feel worse this sap your energy and stops you from thinking, there is only a certain amount of television anyone can watch.

Chill out, I like a glass of wine, hot bubbly bath and music and drift away for an hour or so I feel so refreshed afterwards with the cats coming and checking on me every now and then.

Read, keep your mind active, try and learn something new every day, so you keep yourself on tract and have hobbies this is important to use your creative side, like making something, now I am making a mat out rags, I am lucky I can paint, and do needle work.

In the olden times they played games, cards, domino’s, darts, snakes and ladders, sometimes it is good just to play some of these board games and unit the family.

Try to stay positive and protect yourselves take no chances, always keep antiseptic hand wash with you, by looking after yourself listening and talking, pick up the phone you will find you will come out strong and fresh and be able to face what the world throws at us.

You will survive!

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