School Children Today

Learning is so important it is survival

I was listening to the news, to hear a lady distress because her child felt useless and depressed since he was not getting any education, which should never happen, when I was going to school and missed some days, I felt I could not catch up and my grades fell well behind, especially since most of my work was done by a kerosine light in a small caravan.

If children, are not getting help then parents need to get help from schools and their local MP, today I cannot understand why schools are not given access to laptops for children and books for children to learn by, it is not ideal although reading and learning is paramount in children being able to survive, limiting them will mean failing and not being able to catch up.

As human beings we are always learning and more importantly a child needs to be able to communicate and add up as basics, history, geology, cooking exercise and all the areas that affect a person’s life. The difficulty is juggling work life, home life, and schooling in confined areas, stress can double the environment can lend itself to mental welfare being affected.

While everyone is locked down time needs to be used wisely, creativity needs to be applied, if children are learning in some way it will help mental wellbeing, and importantly to have a good diet and eat properly, I know from experience without vitamins and minerals the mind needs, learning, and feeling good will be limited, focusing, and retaining information will be jeopardised.

Government has put up a link https://www.gov.uk/guidance/supporting-your-childrens-education-during-coronavirus-covid-19

Where you can get advice, some help.

Reading can help children and, in some way, even in busy lifestyle, if we have children, we need to give our time and understanding.

Even though times are difficult and hard we will get through this if we use our time wisely.

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