Every Small Action Can Change an Outcome


I was watching the ten mistakes Titanic made back in early 1912, which from these small mistakes lead to over 1000 people perishing, which makes you think of the decisions you make in the past and today affects where you are today.

The programme explained that they felt the ship was unsinkable and since the sister ship Olympic which was steaming down the Salient having a bit of a race, when the Olympic cut off the Hawk, the large navy war ship hit into her and since the Olympic stayed afloat this then cemented the belief the boats are unsinkable. The next mistake the boiler room was on fire for 10 days which weakened the walling which had been going in the Bunker, the steel was weakened being one of the watertight bunk heads which was leaking 1-2 buckets of the water per day before the collision they used iron nails which was not as strong. Also, Captain Smith who was an experienced person wanted to go as fast as possible, three letters MSG should always be on emergency letters all MSG was given to Captain Smith.

Then in the Mahoney room the messages were piling up some of the messages did have the warning the new route Titanic had taken that these icebergs where in their route.  The Californian which was ten miles away was told to keep out old man, so the operator went to bed, on that night the air had different identities the haze on the distant horizons gave an obstacle illusion, the lookout operators, had no idea they were looking at an obstacle illusion they did not have binoculars if they did, they may have noticed the iceberg which a lot of them had scissor sharp shelves under the water. The north Atlantic was cutting through freezing waters hydraulic rivets could not be used on the bow section, which was made not from steel, but iron had significant draw backs and is not as strong. Impact will go along the weaker parts of the ship, when the ship stopped the people wanted to know what happened they opened the port holes because of the open port holes more than doubled the flow of water sinking the ship quicker. The bulk heads were made to short, 12 meters high was not tall enough to reach the passenger deck level a deliberate choice by designers once the water reaches the top of the bulk heads, they become useless, the operator that told the ship’s operator close by to mind his own business to stay out did not hear calls for help. When the Captain in charge that night asked them to turn the wheel sharp to left instead of straight on, it caused Titanic’s fate with more structural damage. When the flairs went up the other ships thought it was fireworks going off, the first that was out to the lifeboats were saved, since for 2200 people there was only 750 of the people on board saved, from these people losing their lives, ships today are made very different, today, regulations put in place to save lives, many lives gone because of man’s arrogance.

It shows how every decision we make can change our path and impact on our lives, the person we marry, the people we friend and the choices we make to whether we will be rich or poor, happy, or not, it is important we live every minute and take control and be careful with how we communicate it can make an impact.

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