What does the Future Hold You May Ask?

I read an article that stated depending if you are in the United States or China to whether you would be richer or poorer, with uncertainly of health at this stage and waiting for the miracles to happen now it is all about survival and being careful.

Technology will no doubt develop at a great rate and we will soon be living like the cartoons years ago with maybe flying cars etc one thing is for sure if we keep populating the world and disrespecting it survival may be the only thing on people’s minds.

With temperatures warming up and, in some articles, I have read any smaller islands we enjoy now will be under water as well as the coast of many countries, so the decision of where to live to enjoy our beaches, forests, woodlands become a priority.

From my prospective with many salaries for the working class in fact going down since you are paid the same or less than years ago, unless you are a politician and get a underserved pay rise who cannot cope on three times more than the rest of us, the majority looking for work and prices going up I feel many will be so much poorer I watched about the milk and these passionate farmers who are barely earning enough to live on and if they cannot afford to feed the calves then they are shot to death. A waste of life I am glad I am not a cow.

For many pets they are abandoned and with the good will of charities do we really get the correct news I have heard some say they cannot take them in, and these animals suffer and left to die. Life all around is savage with trying to stop illegal trade and all this has a long-term effect on our economy especially if we are going to fund the wrong morals of life.

Through education and supporting life is the way I see a better future and it is coming clear to me that the next generation to survive and live a life of wealth in all areas is to somehow find their passion in a niece area that serves others and capitalize on it, life reminds me of the time I was in Bundaberg Queensland at dusk we went to see the baby tortoises that hatched scramble down the beach to the sea, some will get eaten by predators and only a few will grow into adult hood.

What will the future hold and will mankind save himself from himself.

Could this experience only be in photos in the future

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