The Big Clean Up

I wanted to write about the issues of today because of the sadness it brings to me with what the future could be like for future generations, I was speaking with an older person whose son went to Australia to see the Barrier Reef, years ago it was so beautiful with heaps of colour and life clear waters and fresh, he was so disappointed. The coral in his words was turning white and it was dying off.

Then on television I watched about the majestic Nile the world’s longest river dying with plastic over 80,000 tonnes of plastic going into oceans as far away as 4000 miles the locals depend on the river for centuries today for their lively hood, then I watched the local vet takeout two large plastic bags from a year-old cow so it could eat, this is everywhere strangling life.

When we have been lucky enough to have such beauty given to us, fresh waters, and fertile land, yet man has ignored the sincerity of the problem with waste disposal spilling over into Lake Victoria then into main rivers the main concern is decades of waste into the ocean becoming micro plastics getting into the food chain disrupting the Ecco system destroying birds’ small mammals the fish are having no choice but to eat plastic. When studies were taken it showed even catfish that live on the bottom have micro plastics which affects their digestive system reproduction with the small plastic insects attach which causes poisonous toxins this affects the 80% of farming especially in Ethiopia the Nile is considered as greatest ancestor of civilization flowing through Gondor.

It is estimated population will more than double in thirty years yet the crops like wheat coffee cotton is threaten meaning no money or food and when you consider big plastic bags in animals like calves and cows, goats cutting off their digestive system this is serious, although it is not just Africa but worldwide where the problem of pollution is a major concern.

Technology is great, although humans have taken their environment for granted with the giants making large sums of money and a throwaway society fast moving it has now affected the richer countries with main marine life to farming being affected the food chain could be a struggle to obtain. A lot more needs to be done to stop waste and put back into production, or the lands will dry up and become non fertile and the rivers run no more, I find this a scary place to be we are now seeing the knock on affect it has on human way of life as well as animal survival.

Beauty of the Nile and life is being strangled

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