What would the Victorians make of Today?

When my brother and I was very young we lost our dear mother and was left with our father who did not manage money as well as his partner he sold the house and all our beloved belongings leaving us owning virtually nothing, we treasured whatever we had and before long the fire of the rented home took what was left.

We had little food and clothing was outfits in society and was not accepted in school or with others, this made us appreciated even the smallest things in life.

Today from working in delivery sections and speaking with people who work in major clothing stores when a something falls on the floor or does not reach its destination it is disregarded and thrown away items that sometimes cost us consumer a considerable amount of money.

Then you have the homeless with no money or clothes and a system that is broken in many ways, items that are donated are ending up going to people who really do not need it and waste the food or items. Some charities that are set up a large portion goes to the well off and a small amount to the needy.

Then you have the land fill, filling up with unwanted and non-used items which is helping to kill off our wildlife and help change the weather to disastrous outcomes.

If you went back one to two hundred years and especially war times things were very different, people lined up for tickets to get food and the main essentials a bit like lives my brother and I was forced to live in childhood, people did not waste food or clothing in fact a lot of our crafts come from these areas like tapestry’s to keep the draughts out and keep the homes warm and the old clothing made into strips to make carpets for the floor.

Jams and butters made and kept in large containers with damp mesh on top to keep them fresh and you planned your meals accordingly no plastic cardboard just good healthy substance, thank goodness we have an easy way of living our lives but at what expense?

If these people came back from the past and saw how unwell managed the systems are and unnecessary suffering and wastage what would they make of it? when councils just destroy and disregard any perfect items and the people that could do with these items are denied.

When people come out of prison or are homeless have no real place to go and no way of getting out of the deep depressing whole suffering with health issues because of sleeping rough and no one cares I find this so surreal.

Many hundreds of years ago it was said man will destroy his environment and from what I see we are doing a great job of destroying all in our paths and unfortunately this is accepted with cost rising in many areas causing hardship on animals and normal day people because of greed.

What would the Victorians make of today?

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