One of the most important part of human beings is the drive inside internally to be loved, to be considered, to be wanted, and to do well, however over time others will knock this confidence if they can.

Internally if you learn to like oneself and be what you want to become then the knocks are just dents in the road on the way, the long path ahead with determination and serious thought will help to get you there, if one gives out positive energy and does what is in their heart not being detrimental to oneself then they will win out, can you find the energies and people that will help you on your journey?

Are the powers within strong enough to direct you where you want to go is the vision strong enough?

What will you do when you get there, will you want to improve and become even better in what you want?

If you can become an island then you will have the energy to get where you want although the road may be a long rocky one, people can take away the material things in life, they cannot destroy true love and honour and they cannot take away a persons drive and ambition unless you allow it.

I have found with every project I have taken on I found that some of my weakness have become strengths and because I stretched my mind and felt uncomfortable at times it has helped me develop, I enjoy great friendships and love my pets and find true happiness when I am creative I get great enjoyment out of creating something beautiful from nothing that is here forever and if the efforts improve lives and makes someone who feels down feel good and happy then it is all worthwhile.

With drive and determination you can gain great heights some actors and politicians came from struggling families with nothing yet they have wealth although do they also have happiness are they at peace with themselves and happy with who they are, a great job done with passion and what you love can fill the soul.

Great Heights can be achieved with Drive

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