Two sayings from years ago have so much meaning and every time this happens to me, I remember them, my grandfather told me that When someone criticizes you, look at what they are really saying because often they are describing themselves. My closest friend told me that the world is such a beautiful place it is the people in it that complicate it.

Have you ever felt that what someone said made you think that they are correct and you have an real issue, I was told my writing was so poor and when I received an email from the person who pointed this out to me, nearly every word was spelt incorrectly and did not make much sense. Interesting.

When I was speaking with my brother he mentioned he found my ex sister in law very selfish yet I was consistently accused of being selfish because I went after my dreams and achieved what I set out to achieve and the best money could buy yet when I separated my ex-partner drained all the bank accounts and wanted everything leaving me homeless. Interesting.

I was informed I was no good with money yet I managed to pay off the debts my father left and in a short time owned my first home before I got divorced, the person later mentioned they had a company manage their financial affairs for them because they did not want to get into trouble again. Interesting.

We are not perfect in every area we can learn from others and try and put effort into getting better at whatever we do, the main lesson I learned is to trust your own judgement, not put faith into others, every action and decision brings a path of lessons and every failure depending on what you learn can create success when you are ready for it, mindset is so important and there are several people out there for their own reasons may knock your confidence.

Are others really concerned about you, probably not, I was also told to keep a secret in the closest this has a lot meaning if someone is jealous or decides to defriend you, are they going to cause issues that are going to harm you.

I found that the most important advice I had from a friend is not to listen to what everyone tells you, some advice is good and if it fits then that is fine, although some good advice that was correct for someone else may not be right for you, your circumstances are yours and you need to decide, really look at what someone who criticizes you are they really explaining to you what the type of person they are.

Today a lot of suffering is happening because of greed and thoughtless actions, it seems a lot of people will create suffering to gain, I believe that if any suffering is caused then it is definitely wrong every action should create success for all involved a little consideration and feeling good about oneself goes a long way.

Be careful who you take advice from are they really being helpful

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