Building trust with people can sometimes be very challenging this is building relationships that remain loyal and people feel the confidence to be able to be safe and be able to rely on.

In business this can take years or even months and yet overnight be lost for ever, a few companies I have dealt with when buying products from them they are happy to assist and bend over backwards to get the sale, yet when something went wrong they would not sort out and you had to really stand your ground to get a resolution, a few of my friends experienced the same and none of us will deal with them again.

Through the door comes expensive marketing brochures and offers, even though I know in some cases the product will be cheaper and generally are of good quality I will not give them my hard-earned cash.

So much is focused on marketing, yet not a lot of focus at keeping the customer and really looking after them, the same goes for those companies that are not really interested in their staff and treating them as just numbers and not people, do you think they will offer your client a good service they will often do the bare minimum just to get paid and forget about the company once they have walked out the door.

I have found value and principles are one of the highest areas that should always be considered, look after those that serve you, everyone is a customer build the loyalty and be reliable, because the physical and emotional side of a business is paramount.

I have heard people say they would look after their colleagues and since the boss or company is not there for them, they would not consider them, it is important to pay on time, do what you say, plan and make sure the chaos does not sit in your place.

Why should anyone care if you do not, no marketing ploy will get the results if the trust is broken, with so many scams, cold calls and ways of making a quick buck, people find trusting almost a thing of the past, when so much can go wrong and does and in many cases there is very little protection.

In Alice Springs a company round up large debts promising to pay purchased everything on credit or by cheque that bounced higher than a rubber ball, eventually half the town went into financial ruin with jobs lost businesses going under, when the heat got to much they skipped town and started all over again, these businesses ran for six months one person got paid, Fluffy  put chains around the pillars and instructed the guy behind the vehicle to pull if the money did not go through, imagine going to those extremes.

I would say one of the most important value is to be contactable and be there for your people, and not break the trust the companies that really care find a way of surviving because the trust and loyalty is so strong everyone pulls together because of the added value they find and enjoyment being with people that know how to treat each other and build those strong relationships.

Pricing can be another issue a lot of focus can be on projecting high quality and top end pricing to attract the correct client in some cases this can turn off the potential client since they feel even if the service is needed the price range would be too high therefore breaking the trust of getting a service needed, so the message is sometimes not received in the right way, why the needs are not focused on more, although pricing is important if people are getting real value then a service or product will be considered it is all about the journey experience.

Trust is paramount ,broken, lost for ever

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