Courts Do We Need Them

I wander sometimes why we have a legal system when it cannot deal with cow boys and shotty work, years ago I had engaged a company to install a conservatory, all went okay until the conservatory was finished the roof was giving way and coming in, I was also suddenly suffering from headaches and at times could not make it into work.

I phoned and wrote to them they did not fix the issues, I had a qualified engineer come to the site and they took the readings the carbon monoxide reading was 7.6 when the legal requirement was 0.03, the company built the roof into the flu which meant if someone had of slept in the conservatory on the day they did the reading they would not of survived. Since the home belonged to me, I would have served the jail sentence not the company that installed the conservatory.

I was advised to get a solicitor to look at this the case, which took over seven years I had to find thousands or hundreds of pounds in short times my credit rating was perfect at the time, I had paid off credit cards and loans quickly this meant I had access to money and before long the debts mounted, I went to court and they closed the case down on me saying I had no case I had to borrow and pull the conservatory down and rebuilt it the company only got a warning sent seven families went bankrupt, another family had a similar problem with another conservatory company the company destroyed their property and the water in the street was cut off for days, again this company was not brought to justice, both victims husband and wife suffered mentally and became ill over the stress. Of course, they are protected and you cannot bad name or publish any company of such wrong doings.

Like most government run organisations and banks real people do not count and realistically what they ask of you is far from reasonable, I was watching BBC and they showed a women with a 16 year old son who had down syndrome and needed the shower and toilet facilities near by she paid the builders 60,000 to do the work they left the building unhabitable and the professional builders and plumbers and electricians has not seen such poor work this affected their health and mental state it was unbearable, the whole house was redone to a beautiful home giving them back their well being and mental stability.

Over the years their has been several shows where television programs have stepped in and helped families giving back to them what they should have had in the first place when our court system cannot carry out and make sure these tradesman do not get away with it, yet these tradesman can sleep at night and be happy to go to the next victim because they know they can.

How can someone pick a good tradesman and get quality work?

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