Follow your Passion

Making beauty to be enjoyed takes tallent and passion

When ever you look at making a living or doing an activity that you enjoy I have found from all positive thinking courses, they tell you to follow your passion that is all well and good but how do you make a living from doing so.

I have found from doing courses and learning the techniques often enough to get known or make it happen you need surplus cash which in these days a lot of us do not have, I did not know I could really paint until I went on holidays in 2008, I found from practice and studying an item I could get it to look real and enjoyed doing so, this did not mean I would make any money in fact I was put down by a store selling art because I did not go to college yet the paintings I did for friends and family they really enjoyed and was more than happy to have the art on their walls.

At school, I did not do well in any subjects I took on and for many years this put me off doing any crafts, when I did needle work and made some beautiful item I managed to sell a few and a lot now are worth a handsome sum of money. Friends that are as creative as myself I have found the same small minded people and it is knowing where to sell such items to get the real value of your work, yet if you was to purchase these items hand done you would have to pay a considerable sum.

I found in many circumstances the general society are very negative and do not like to see success, once a person has knocked on different doors while killing themselves working long hours they may get that lucky break then the money is for the taking.

To day majority of people do not have the drive determination and a way forward to succeed so people with their passion to do well are brushed under the society carpet and devalued, I find this a shame since a lot of waste in the world could be made into beautiful items to be enjoyed by generations to come and really put back into communities and make a person feel good and smile  again.

If only a lot of these skills where enhanced in early stages of life what beauty could be made, and in a lot of cases with mental health and dementia and some of the mind diseases a passion can help generate good cells and be a way of controlling such illness enhancing life.

The world really needs to embrace passion and enjoy it because the mind is a wonderful part of the human body when used properly.

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