Importance of Gardens and Nature

Beauty in the Garden

In todays fast world of concrete and motor ways in a lot of cases the spaces especially in the city areas are very restricted not leaving much space for a garden like in London at the Children’s hospital where they where surrounded by tall buildings fast roads and no where to go, until the Chelsea winning flower show came up with the solution.  Against all odds and what seemed to be an impossible task the tall trees and over 2000 plants where moved from Chelsea to London with limited time they had to get the plants and all done in a small space of time since the crane was only their for a limited number of hours, it started off being a hour behind they managed to get the glass structure which was a delegate operation in place lucky the day was kind no winds rain snow they managed it smoothly.

Since this project touched so many hearts people from all over helped get the 2000 plants up to the roof where needed the end result an amazing garden and outdoor space catered for all year around, can you imagine the pain of your dear one slipping away like a child and having to live in four walls some us with Covd 19 are understanding this more than ever. Then to deal with the tough decisions and under sadness and worry to decide in a short time with only greyness around you.

The importance of this garden was it brought bees and nature beauty and tranquillity a way to feel the fresh air to be able to discuss the information and be able to make the right decisions, our surroundings make a major impact on how we feel and how we decide it is important to have fresh air and nature around us. I know this more than ever when I sit in my garden I have created, it gives me peace and when times are tough it helps me get through those difficult times and keep positive giving me better wellbeing.

Tamworth castles have the winning gardens most years and the colour and beauty is so rewarding for those that want to have a scroll or lunch and just reflect it renews the soul and when you feel good it helps with better decision making.

Could you imagine a world with no gardens just cement and roads no parks no birds no bees only insects to annoy and bite us, it is unbearable thank goodness we have the Italian, Chinese gardens, Olga Polizzis, 17th century Duke’s mysterious garden of monsters, gardens and of course some councils take real pride in their gardens for the town centres.

For mental well being and good health I believe we all need our gardens and in some cases with dementia this can be great therapy and help in many ways by using the creative side of the brain to create beauty in the garden.

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