Service is Covd 19 Driving you Mad

Companies these days do not want to answer a phone call

I recently purchased a small notepad from Amazon the first item that arrived it was faulty so I sent the item back costing me the delivery cost and requested a replacement, the replacement arrived and did not seem to work properly which turned out to be a lose wire.  

I accidently hit on a area and it turned the device into Indonesian I emailed them and they could not be bothered to get back to me, except to inform me that my question would be put through to their technical team. 

I decided to see if I could sort this out myself,  when I googled the problem I could not get a answer and was totally lost, so I decided to go to Curry’s they informed me their technical team would be in around 11am and would cost £46.00, I replied rip of Britain and walked out.  

I went to a local PC provider down from where I live, they fixed it at no cost and told me that they support their customers fully, I saw a notepad which I really liked for just under £300.00 I went back and put a deposit on, I was delighted with the product.  

I guess you get what you pay for the little device for £85.00 seemed a good purchase and is okay for viewing on line since this was going to cost me to send back and the problems had been resolved I decided to keep the item.  

I would not purchase on line again and use my local supplier and give the business to the local people where I am looked after, it seems you cannot get answers to simple problems and all firms are interested in is the sale and not the customer care. 

I would not of purchased this item if it was not for the help and understanding I received from these technical people and I will probably not purchase from Curry’s after my experience with the girl behind the counter.  

I have always been informed if you provide good service and good value for money then customers will be happy to part with their hard-earned cash and will recommend and become loyal, this still stands today.  

If companies make it hard for customers to get answers not wanting to answer a phone call or email then it will not be covid19 that puts them out of business it will be the fact the customer is not considered, I know this, I waste a lot of time trying to sort out issues that should only take minutes which is driving be mad every day. 

I trust many others are discovering the same frustrations, and I am sure when they get good service they are almost bold over since this seems to be a value of the past. 

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