Footprints in Time

What does it all mean?

We are always living in future time racing on every second, every minute when I look at a photo years ago it is a foot print in time just an image of that moment with memories of that experience and feeling associated with the time yet it is gone either a memory or mark of history for generations to reflect on. Time has no baring like tomorrow never comes, we breathe eat and either enjoy every moment like the last or not.

We are never promised tomorrow and when I have a cat in my arms purring or a special moment, I enjoy the precious moment for I never know when the last breath will be taken. I looked at a video of my loved cranky cat giving her some reiki and her meowing angrily, she ran out into next door neighbours car and is now gone the moment she took her last breath and now the precious time with her has gone, although the memories of time together is treasured.

I wander from the lessons of life when we have the good times the bad times are not so bad although the scares of life are their to bare yet when we go into eternity the actions and thoughts we did on earth did it make an impact, everyone affects someone in a good or bad way and influence those around us it is how we affect others.

Yet as days past even years how important is the time we spend on what we do, have we left the world in a better or worse place have we left any type of legacy, it seems as time goes on every one is forgotten and I wander what is the purpose of our existence and the time we have spent on earth what is it all about.

The deep experiences of living really living pushing ourselves to do what excites us, for a moment lost is lost for ever, yet an experience of enjoyment feels the soul and if we take our last breath since we have no promise of tomorrow was our lives worth living did we enjoy life to the fullest and enjoy every foot print in time.

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