Inner Thoughts – Law of Attraction

Inner Thoughts attract Material Wants

I was reflecting on my life over the years when I was in my early twenties I had drive, ambition and goals I wanted to achieve I believed it could happen, I was left with $3000.00 debt which was a lot of money in those days from a car accident since my father did not believe in insurance I worked three jobs and paid the debt off quickly.  

By the time I was 20 I bought my first home with my finance the house prices were rising every three days in the boom, it felt impossible but somehow I knew I would get our home we went to a party and I got talking to a person who turned out to sell homes and shortly after we bought our home. 

While I was dating my partner said he wanted to travel very much the same as me because this was my dream I worked hard and long hours and did not expect the same from my finance we got married I knew we had to pay for this on our own. After long tiring hours and nearly not making it home at times I got my dream and paid off the home.  

Whatever I was feeling or deeply thinking would happen, before long I realised, I was never going to travel, and my husband would insist with everything we could not afford it. I would manage the finances and we received everything we wanted except when it came time to travel, the neighbours and friends told me I was selfish and should be thankful for the fact my husband let me work around the clock and I have everything how lucky you are and you should be a good wife and settle down and have children, the urge to travel had been my dream.  

I had a feeling I would lose the home, and before long the marriage was over, and he wanted 100 per cent of the estate I had to fight for my half after putting in 80%. I was homeless the issue I had, I put other people’s needs in front of mine and they all ways made sure they were well off, I bought this lovely flat for myself and my new partner shortly afterwards left me to go back to his previous relationship,  telling me I would always fail.  

I decided to leave Sydney and live with my close friend in Northern Territory Alice Springs which was amazing country side and life is no place like Alice, then travelled to England I discovered the inner feelings was attracting the events of misfortune to me I really struggled financially, I did a few trips although never got my world trip I so desired.  

I believed against all odds and no money I would get my next home and believed in goal setting although I did not know how I would receive my desires somehow, I always managed too. 

The real issue I had in Australia was I was surrounded by jealous and negative people always putting me down, I now enjoy great friendships and still aiming towards my goals against all odds.   

The power of thought is so strong especially when feelings are sometimes created by the people around us that force their believes and ideas onto us leading us to misfortunate outcomes then you have the real issue of scammers ,forceful people wanting to sell not considering the persons needs just as long as they get the sale no matter what , So how do we avoid them by tuning into our initiative self if it feels awkward or not right it probably isn’t.  

Focusing on the wants ruling out the not wants can be difficult when life throws one obstacle after another and every step is a real challenge. 

Challenge is to live the life of happiness and abundance

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