Thinking out of the Box

When relaxing thoughts can come to us or when we are edged on

I was listening to the news and the challenges charities face without sponsorship and fund raising a lot of these charities will struggle to do the quality research and work needed to improve and extend lives.

With the hurdles in front of them and distancing this seemed impossible although amazingly this was overcome with single run events raising as much as 6 million for health care workers, also Captain Tom Moore who had a terrible fall and yet against all odds raised millions as well, this is true optimism and doing it believing every day is better than before even other countries where blown away and donated to this such worthy cause.

Amazingly in life nothing is ever easy and it seems with many hurdles scams and a population happy to sue at every chance a lot of businesses will not recover, a story was told about two restaurants in America by a coach in self development one blamed covd19 and went out of business, the other created a drive thru which has created more sales and business than ever before.

Often it is trying to find angles of making something happen and today the norm is certainly not the norm, and with infections on the increase the way of life now is changing for ever, at least we have the internet which has helped with many opportunities.

Although it is getting harder than ever to know who you can trust with so many on the bang wagon to just sell and not deliver and a lot of people being financially ruined by these cowboys and cowgirls.

Poppy Run, Cancer, British Heart Foundation and many more working on ways to create the buzz and income needed, hopefully the hearts of the British People will hit those countries that are not doing what is right by children, donkeys and animals that are poached and cruelly treated get the powers to act and help their nation with the needs for people, why is it some can live in riches over centuries and conflict pain and suffering and seem to be glorified while others suffer asking all nations to donate when they should put their own people and animals first.

When a passion is done and creates beauty and helps others with the correct intend then these entrepreneurs should be supported and helped to achieve the goals they have set, since the world would be a better place but sadly this is overlooked and the ones that do not need the help seem to get all the help in the world.

I truly believe that this Covd19 has happened as a wake up call since we have been ruining our planet and supporting the wrong people for far too long and this will continue until man respects life and do the great things like our British heroes.

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