Dog – a man’s Best Friend

Best Friend and Loyal

Dogs have been known to do amazing things even save a cat with a blood transfusion, we have guide dogs helping the blind, dogs bark to save their owners life when they are in danger and not knowing it.  

With an older person. having a dog can mean a more fulfilling life.   A lot of people become lonely and often enough are forgotten, looking forward to a chat with a stranger since they have not seen anyone in days, with a dog for a companion gives them reasons to get out go for walks and enjoy the wild life and keep active, helps with circulation and general health and they are great company. 

Children can be helped with disabilities and learning they can be of great benefit and give comfort and be a great play mate and often the closest friend, with runs along the beach and playing in the water.  

Yet all too often these amazing creatures that do so much for human kind are disregarded.  As puppies they are cute and cuddly and when they grow and come expensive this is first soul to go, I have seen some real horror stories on youtube with animals being dumped left to die, or a person passes on and the animal is left to roam.  

They are hit by moving vehicles and left suffering and in pain, then commercials asking for help to donate.  It is too late when an animal suffers, people who think these creatures have no feelings and only an item are so wrong.  

In any animal’s life a bad experience is a memory that sticks and can cause psychological effect on them for life no matter how much money is thrown at the cause.  

These animals need to be cherished, loved and cared for and with proper food and love they give more than they receive.  

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