My cats twitch and move

This year for most people have been really challenging and because of the uncertainly and change have you found that you have weird dreams?, when I watch my cats with the twitching and moving of limbs I often wander what they are dreaming.

My brother and I lost our mother very young and she was dearly missed we had for a short time this wonderful person in our lives, we both had the same dream she never died just went away and came back we where all riding horses in a lovely country side asking her why she left.

I sometimes dreamt of flying and feeling myself running and then jumping in the air and flying through tunnels and over fields, in one dream I dreamt I was being shot at, another dream I dreamt I fell and hit bottom in a mountain of hay.

One morning I woke remembering a continuous dream of burying a body under the house wrapped in cloth like a mummy and was petrified that someone would find out and kept it hidden.

I have woken feeling the mat slipping from me and jolted in bed at times, and dreamt of not being able to pay for the goods I wanted, yet they say dreams have meaning your subconscious mind trying to tell you something at times you may not feel at ease with the situation you are in and this has played on your mind and comes out in different ways from details I have read often the opposite of the dream is the message.

I am grateful for the wakening hours when reality is the living moment and enjoying my cats’ home and friends these special moments that fulfil my soul.

Sometimes I find I will dream of what I last saw on television only in my own life. So what messages are you having in your dreams?

If you are in a relationship or job that is not going well this can be away of your uneasiness coming through and you may feel you need to change your life if you are not happy and unsettled and not at peace with yourself.

Sometimes these dreams can give you direction and help you to resolve an issue you may thinking of.

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