Great Things in Life

What are the pleasures in life that make you feel you are in heaven, what are the dreams and desires, what do we have in life to make us feel alive? 

As a women I love having a hot bath with luxury bath crème, washed hair shaved legs etc once dried put cream on and slip into fresh clean sheets of course enjoy the hour in the bath tub with a good glass of wine and relaxing music it is heaven.  

A long walk where grass has been freshly cut and the feel of light rain on your skin and the freshness in the air and smell of soft grass.  

Travelling meeting new people and learning all about the different cultures and exotic tastes.  Being alert and avoiding being locked up for taking photos where you should not because you did not under the signs and language. 

The hot sun on your skin and the freshness of sea water feeling the warmth and fresh breeze to cool you down or feeling so hot and diving into a freezing cold water- hole and feel alive and fresh. 

To explore activities that you have never done before the thrill of sky diving, rock climbing, scuba diving or exploring to feel the thrill in every part of your body exploding with excitement and joy to know you did it. 

The love of your pet, cuddles and kisses and the loving way they tell you they love you. 

To start a project and not know how it will turn out and find that you achieve a great result for everyone to enjoy. 

Wine and dine with friends and experience great friendships and know you have made a difference. 

The love of your family the special moments laughs and fun knowing you are in their life giving them guidance and hope. 

Watching your favourite programs with a beer or wine and your favourite snacks feeling chilled. 

A warm fire on a cold night and the stars and moon that light the skies with your favourite blanket. 

The sound of the birds chirping and the brilliant colours that light the skies. 

Eating your favourite foods going to your favourite restaurant. 

Feeling the wind in your hair when on a fast-moving bike or sports car. 

Doing what you are passionate about making a living. 

Experiencing the wildlife seeing nature at its best. 

Feeling free and happy knowing all is going to be fine enjoy every living minute. 

Wow life can be good. 

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