On the news, the main point is higher GCSE grades and how unfair the system has been and a total U turn because of the pandemic and how so much importance is put on passing and going to university and how in some cases they are overrun and not have enough spaces.

Yet over the years from generation to generation the importance has been if you do not have good grades and education you will not do well in live and struggle all your life.

This can be true, in some instances since the jobs you may get for the majority hardly pay for your living expenses and when I was doing waitressing and serving behind the bar many over educated people ended up doing minimum paid jobs and struggling by.

Yet some have the secret in becoming millionaires or even billionaires with little or no real qualifications like Pete Cashmore, Evan Williams, David Karp, Bill Gates, Richard Branson Steve Wozniak these people have the world’s biggest companies they did not go to university.

When I listen to those that are selling courses improve your skills and learn how to really market and sell and learn the key lessons the message is in your ability to learn and believe in yourself and do what you are passionate about then teach others, but there are key areas to cover like getting started going out of your comfort zone and challenging new ideas and practices and ignore those on the way that tell you it is impossible.

When people quote amount or make a comment do they have hidden reasons, are they making a comment in your best interest or to gain more than they are truly worth or do they feel good about putting others down, are they trying to point out how great themselves and their company are and to put you off what you are seeking. It is a jungle with a mixture of jealous, proud, in venous or just plain thin minded people.

One lesson I have learned is there are a lot of scammers out their and this should be a major subject how to hold on to your money and who is genuine, the other is with all this education all the big players will aim high and the average guy or start up person who does not have money is not intitled to succeed, and in some cases when you do invest you will get very little back.

So it seems that the real challenge is to put all the pieces in front of you and work it out or get a good coach and this can be challenging in itself to source out someone with the same passion who has got the result you are looking for and speed up the process.

A lot of these self-made billionaires did not have a leader as such they just worked on their idea and worked out the processes and made it happen what they did learn about was has to sell at a great profit and what people needed then convinced them.

Are high grades everything to succeed in life?

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