Ads, Ads, More Ads

When companies want to get their message across and known they advertise, have we gone beyond the point of return? Does anyone enjoy watching their programme to find they are bombarded with adds, 15 minutes viewing 20 minutes adds, when I speak with any of my friends they state they cannot watch television because they cannot put up with the adds, like myself they turn the television off and forget it.  

I open my inboxes and right at the top more adds, then on the bottom of the screen a reminder of notifications more adds, I look at my inbox and 75% of the inbox is advertising or some scammer trying cleverly to get my bank details to rip out every coin I have or damage my system. Delete button is the most used button of all. In fact, by the end of the day the delete button is smoking. 

I want to enjoy some music on You Tube or watch an article and at least three times a message pop up add viewing cannot click straight off it has to run for at least 3 minutes, I do not want to see adds, I find this so annoying and am not interested. 

In some cases when I have taken up a service from advertisement shown I have paid for it by not getting any value for money. 

So many scammers, so many so called specialists, I find that no matter where I turn I am bombarded by so many adds, if I wanted to just see adds I would watch an add programme, this is over the top and I am sure a lot of people will not use them.  

If the adds were at the beginning or end of a programme people would not mind, I am sure to destroy any minor pleasure we may have is of absolute disgrace, or it is myself and my friends are the only ones that feel this way. 

Then to put further insult we must pay the TV licence to see this bunch of garbage. 

No wonder the old fashion ways are not working people are switching off they have had enough stop bombarding us with rubbish. 

Years ago, the adds where funny and entertaining and not so may we could cope, today it is nothing but a pain giving us more stress, no wonder the mental homes are on the increase and we are starting to line up. 

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