Feral Cat Population around the World

Feral cats have no right to Live

Millions of feral cats in the world,  destroying bird live and small mammals, these living beings are doing what they know best is to survive, and how did the world get to have this problem in the first place, as always with humans interfering with nature.

Cats initially came to countries on boats to help eliminate the rat population that was eating the grains and wheats, then left to breed, the main problem with today people do not regard these as animals with feelings and needs so they are dumped to left go feral, I have argued and written about cats being neutered which should be free and people pay a licence to breed.

Pet insurance and vet bills being high in some cases you pay three times a much for medication as human medicine with the same ingredients it is time this is really regulated and investigated. I was told once by a vet it is a luxury to own a pet,  I have to disagree cats were dumped and crying for a home I have fifteen most them unwanted they are all loving and have changed dramatically they know they are loved and cared for.

A mother cat in a year can have six litters with up to six cats then after three months those cats have litters from one cat this can produce 240 cats in a year, so I ask you why is the world over populated a little like people lets keep on breeding and take up all of the ocean and land take way the rain forest and vegetation because humans have to have somewhere to live, then shoot what is left and sell for a high price and let the babies die.

Australia and New Zealand out to eradicate any cat because it is killing their wildlife, with poisonous sausage shooting and spearing of course these animals do not deserve to live, they are unwanted not to mention other wildlife it is going to eradicate.

It seems the answer is to take out any animals that cross the human path like shooting of kangaroos and camels, I am Australian when I hear this I feel ashamed that the nation has no heart, yet at the moment they have saved a few kola bears, although if they cause a problem I guess they will go on a shooting spree and get rid of them.

Everything in the world is about money and take as much from the earth as one can, destroy life and not look at ways of preserving it and controlling the problems, how short sited humans have come, I dread to think what children and grandchildren have to look forward too, mankind I am convinced, will not be satisfied until they kill off all animals and drain the seas of fish.

When left with plagues of insects then man will be happy if they think coronavirus is the only threat think again by destroying everything man will kill themselves from just plain greed and no passion. I am totally disgusted with the disregard for life and waste and inconsideration for others and life in general, so when are we going to stop and do what is right? When it is too late, and the balance of nature throws it anger upon the heartless souls left.

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