Power of Thought

Our thoughts are what we are

I was driving to my first client when the presenter on the radio was talking to their guest of their amazing journey. Like myself, the radio guest did not do well at school and in fact found it rather boring, did not graduate but instead went into being a bouncer, taught himself how to behave in a confident manner and with training became very fit. Some of the clients coming in he noticed a difference with those that spoke well.  

He decided to do his education by studying chemistry and law and passed.  He was informed his own communication and speech had improved dramatically then he decided to learn all about being a biologist which he succeeded in.  When against all odds people put their mind to an area they are passionate about they often excel in many ways. 

Today I have noticed that the message is becoming clearer that people are not dummies we are all built differently and what a good thing, otherwise where would all these inventions come from, a lot from failures and mistakes. 

I was also listening to a pod cast stating that a small percentage become millionaires, these people keep going with many failures until they succeed.  The power within to get an answer that no is not acceptable they keep going until they find a way they have a great belief in themselves and want things done now they do not put off until tomorrow, I was always told tomorrow never comes.  

They find people that can help them get to where they need to get, and do not listen to the majority, since the majority are often wrong and only the minority have the energy and the power of thought to get where they want to go.  

It is very difficult though when you come from people that influence you in their beliefs and you have to break away and often this is very painful and scary because in my own experience these people take away from you the energy and put obstacles in your way since they are often jealous of people that work hard and make every effort. 

The people that do their passion as part of their recreational, work and pleasure time are often the happier people in our society.  

Of course, you have the pressure of finance and time and this is the hardest part of anyone’s life, to change and get right it takes luck, belief and knowing the formula of how to attract what you deserve. 

If you take politicians and people back in history on how they influenced the masses and how people died at the hand of the sword or shot in battle from what the minority wanted and shaped our society today and how the power of thought did it all. 

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