War and Charitable Services

In England when watching any programme it is extended by almost double the time yet when I research the cost of television advertising it cost between £3-4000 per add, and I would guest in some cases much more, yet everyone has to pay for a television licence. So, they are getting paid very handsomely it seems.

A few minutes of viewing your programme then a bunch of adds requesting money to be texted to children starving in third world countries and money for animals that are suffering, I have noticed the adults in all of these programmes seem to be well feed.

I ask myself where does all this money goes to? I cannot get an answer on this.

Why is it, that the politicians are able to put enormous cost and human suffering with deaths and injuries and loss of families, friends and relations affecting crops, livestock, property and the environment squeezing the life out of their economy with violent conflict like Cambodia, Sudan Afghanistan and Africa to name a few.

It seems through greed it is okay to create suffering and then ask people to donate each month while the people that are causing the conflicts and suffering are travelling around in the newest vehicles and living in stately homes demonstrating their powers.

I am not for killing although when the powers of other countries take out such a leader and demonstrate this is not to be tolerated, I agree whole heartily.

Is it not time to stop human and animal suffering and get rid of the ones that are causing this disastrous situation and put in power the governing bodies that can assist with education and development of these countries so people can have food, clean fresh water, homes, farms agricultural and take the riches from the land to support the economy.

It is interesting to know if others feel the same way, that to pay and line the pockets of these people is not the way forward, the rich and people in power to do what is right and get rid of the poison and help people build their lives, no one should have their lively hood taken from them and no animal or child subject to cruelty to see children and animals dying skin and bone is just unacceptable. I find this unbearable and wander why children can be born just to suffer and be discarded raped, starved, what have human beings become.

I believe every animal and person deserves a good live a lot of our troubles today are caused from the bloodshed and ingrained pain that any of these souls have been subject to. The inground pain they have been endured to, giving them believes of horror if they live long enough and the damage that remains for ever.

Yet charities according to research I have done, some have to pay for advertising and some do not, so is some of this money actually going to the charities or to pay for the advertising to make us aware of the suffering to support the adds?.

Is there need for War Hungar and Greed?

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