Professional Frustrations

How many people on this planet feel the way I do, to get any simple task done these days seem to be a mountain, when you could just type it or write it done in seconds, over the covd 19 period especially you cannot get a simple answer yet companies want the business, because of covd19 you cannot email, cannot phone, cannot chat you are doing a activity or learning something new, normally would take 5 minutes three hours later still nowhere. You retain yourself from kicking or throwing the item you are working on because after all this cost money and you cannot afford to lose the work you have done.

To add more pain, you are concentrating then on right hand side of the screen a pop comes up you have so many Facebook, Instagram, adds, the list goes on as soon as you clear the list another group arrive, by this time you reach for the blood pressure tablets and a cup of tea your own pressure cooker is off the scale.

Then you scroll through all the spam and selling items to get back to the project to have some bimbo calling you about timeshare, investments, the list goes on, you settle down again get some other activity done because by now you have given up and sent an email of dissatisfaction to get a reply we will be back in 48 hours or so.

You look at the string above the door that pulls the curtains get distracted by the singing of a bird, thinking life is not too bad lets have some lunch turn the television on to get compare yelling out of the set which is so annoying you remember this when looking for insurance, then you realise how old you are getting since you are bombarded by equity release and funeral plans, you realise all your friends are just dying to get their and do not want to be reminded that your hair is greying and your patience is running out, you have a limited amount of  time before you are bombarded by requesting money for every possible charity going.

The thought passes of how you are trying to survive in these times then after a wonderful session of adds and no viewing time back to the work load, you are not feeling chilled just bombarded by messages after messages, suddenly you realized you have seen 5000 adds in the day.

After going through all inboxes and social media, fighting off the cold calls , advertising, junk mail which you have just deleted the one you should not have, to get something out the day you finish exhausted and totally pissed off wandering where the time has gone.

My grandfather used to say a minute lost is lost for ever do not waste time, yet with all the apps checking phones, mobiles email, answer machines, no time is spared.

The weekend has come and believe me if you have made it to Friday and survived you really deserve a metal, so open that bottle of wine or beer because you truly deserve it.

Todays working life

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