Dinosaurs and Dragons

Is your business like a Dinasour

Over the past months this has plagued my mind, when you think of the Dinosaurs supposing to have gone from an asteroid hitting earth around sixty-six million years ago and suddenly 180 million years was abruptly ended.

One Prof Paul Barrett from an article I read mentioned that a layer of iridium rich clay was caused by a large asteroid colliding with Earth, the instantaneous devastation in the immediate vicinity and the widespread secondary effects of an asteroid impact were considered to be why the dinosaurs died out so suddenly including non-bird dinosaurs and many other animals.

In the article they explain

Asteroids are large, rocky bodies that orbit the Sun. They range from a few to hundreds of metres in diameter. Any fragment of an asteroid that survives landing on Earth becomes known as a meteorite.

The Alvarez hypothesis was initially controversial, but it is now the most widely accepted theory for the mass extinction at the end of the Mesozoic Era.

Paul says, ‘An asteroid impact is supported by really good evidence because we’ve identified the crater. It is now largely buried on the seafloor off the coast of Mexico. It is the same age as the extinction of the non-bird dinosaurs, which can be tracked in the rock record all around the world.’

The impact site, known as the Chicxulub crater, is centred on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. The asteroid is thought to have been between 10 and 15 kilometres wide, but the velocity of its collision caused the creation of a much larger crater, 150 kilometres in diameter – the second-largest crater on the planet.

The dinosaur-killing crash threw huge amounts of debris into the air and caused massive tidal waves to wash over parts of the American continents. There is also evidence of substantial fires from that point in history.

For a long time, it was thought that the non-bird dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago.

But Paul explains, ‘The dating of those layers of clay around the world is very accurate – it’s estimated to within a couple of thousands of years.

‘Recent re dating has refined it, and the date of the dinosaur extinction is 66.0 million years ago.’

Eventually massive global extinction was by a rock hurtling into the coast of Central America this asteroid hit a high velocity and effectively vaporised which made a huge crater a huge blast wave and heatwave went out and it threw vast amounts of material up into the atmosphere, soot travelling all around the world it did not completely block the sun, but it reduced the light that reached the Earths’ surface which impacted on plant growth.

When you think of business and change it is often mentioned are you going to be like a dinosaur and go under? are the rocks going to fall upon you? when I have thought about the many years of change the plague, revolution, industrial, war time, information age and how you have to move with the times, the way people now act and buy and the changes with the pandemic it is like seeing an asteroid impacting on human life. Could this happen again and who would survive?

Will you meet the dragons and find every penny spent is worthwhile, are they going to kill you with their fire and the sharp swing of a spiked tail, we are now in the era where promoting coaching is the way to make money and everyone getting onto the band wagon and to travel off into the west.

Sites encouraging investment and cold callers ready to take your money or maybe they are hiding under the social media rock ready to pounce, my friends tell me it is a jungle out there and do I know it, the wealthy wanting you to be rich because they make more money and it is you that will fail with your investment or will you find that  good fairy that will save you from the dragons and drive into the direction of success and the investment of money and time pay dividends, how will you survive?

Will you beam in the sunshine and cool crisp waters and find your gold from choosing the correct partners and investing wisely, so who can you trust?

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