Small Spy Cameras

Cameras so small can be in Jewelry Glasses Buttons

A few weeks ago over lockdown I watched this article on spy cameras and how far places like China, Hong Kong have come with technology although this has come at a price, small cameras videoing girlfriends and general public without their knowledge, in dress rooms, showers and up girls skirts for kicks since some of these men were virgins and did not know how to communicate or be in the company of a young women.

I do not know about how you would view this, I felt horrified that at any time without my knowledge, I could be filmed and put on the ethernet for the world to see, even human privacy seems to be the thing of the past. Worst of all the law is grey in this area of what is legal and not legal, these gadgets can be purchased very easily for very little and placed in buttons on glasses you wear, hidden in clocks etc the list goes on.

In the program they had police forces dedicated to these actions warning young people and in some cases prosecuting, one young nurse who was getting married was filmed without her knowledge getting undressed showered and ready to go home she was so shamed she jumped off a 17 tall flat building to her death leaving her finance and family in ruins and how many more people put under this pressure.

Cameras in the home to protect people is understandable, to let this behaviour go on in our communities is another, I felt saddened that the human connection and communication has been lost and many people only knowing how to communicate by texting and gaming.

The only bright side to this is maybe the human population will decrease and provide for those children and young people that are denied the essentials of food and water because of political gain.

It seems humans are at turning point with this generation are the values of life going to be respected at all or will people fall into an existence of disease and misery and the good times an era to remember.

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