Windrush save Britain

Over 500 passengers reached the shores of Britain with the aim of meeting post war job shortages to ensure Britain’s economy, fulfilling jobs that could not be filled, the influx from Caribbean ended In 1971, yet a lot of these people were children travelling on their parents passports.

I did not know about this until recently, I came from Australia and was very welcomed by English folks they wanted to know more about the big country and glory. When watching news I felt I should look into this, and in one Article it stated that a Hostile Environment policy came into place looking upon these citizens as immigrants encouraging them to leave voluntarily, enforcing rules with banks, landlords and business owners who did not comply would be faced with fines up to £10,000.

I wonder if I were an aborigine I would have been faced with the same hostile manner.

Some were deported out of the country, lost their jobs, their rights as human beings taken away along with their dignity, how can such pain and suffering be forced upon others where would they go? How do they survive yet when jobs needed filling, they were good enough and suddenly thrown away like trash?

Early 2013 Home Office received notice that people from the Windrush generation were being treated an undocumented immigrant the year Caribbean leaders shone a light to the issue to British ministers. All attempts ignored with direct refusal from Downing Street.

When questions were raised in March 2018 it became known as the Windrush Scandal with people sometimes deported out of the country.

People being deported and covered up the real facts did not publish these people had their rights taken from them and no legal support.

An immigration system needing more fundamental reform to address what are longstanding systemic faults now with the black lives matter this is putting pressure on those in power to recognise and do right by these people.

If a person no matter what their colour, race where they come from brings real value to a country they should be treated fairly and allowed a good life. In my time on this earth it seems those people who work the system do nothing in relation to earning a living and paying taxes, do not give back to the community get all the support they need since the lazy can live off the state.

 Racism still into days society still exist and for many years peoples live are undervalued it is time to give back and support those that pay their taxes and earn a good days pay, respect all citizens and stop promoting laziness.

I can remember in Australia the Aborigines had fought for their rights, since white man took away their land and way of life after many years these people won and got back what was taken and treated more fairly, all around the world the white man has a lot to answer to

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