Anxiety and Fear

We all live in hope over lockdown with so many jobs disappearing and many becoming unemployed is what we are hearing.  Even with the Chancellor putting in measures to protect jobs and the economy and to get Britain moving again.

A lot of people will find watching television is enough and after the spring cleaning and running out of activities of interest and the walks and rides there is only so much you can do, so what else is there to do.  Fear of losing their homes and not being able to provide with many depending on food banks to get by.

I know I am no different to others who have pride in doing a good job and getting paid for doing so, like others a lot of people are just getting by and finding to survive is getting even harder, so how do you overcome the fear of loss.

If you take into account the law of attraction it is about what you think and what you do, I found by doing courses and learning all the time keeps me positive and active.  My mind is searching out new skills and learning, everyday is a lot of fun, looking for opportunities and putting all the effort into making success.

When speaking with people who struggle mentally, the fear of the unknown is often because they have a lot of time on their hands.  This is when negative feelings occur, over eating for comfort and doing less, this often leads to depression and their fears are sometimes met.

A lot of teens have been seeking mental health help with social media’s prevalence is pressuring and shaping society to assist with social lives and emotional wellbeing.

Psychologists around the world are concerned about the pressure put on people with constant exposure and feedback from all elements of social media although this has helped with belonging and the royal family helping people with anxiety and mental issues. This is sometimes safer when you consider some friends and family may have an underlying reason for trying to help when they themselves are also suffering from some form of depression and anxiety.

So is the key to a well balanced life and mental well being being active. doing meaningful activities, getting involved, learning and searching for those opportunities to bring more financial freedom and keeping focused with a goal in mind? Everyone deserves good sound mental well being and it is up to ourselves to try and keep well.

Anxiety and Fear

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