Blood River Attitude

People Attitude

Over the lockdown, I have managed to watch some interesting articles which took me back to the time my brother and I lost our dear mother and when this happened our world was turned upside down. Our father sold our home, gave away our loved toys and we had only the clothes and few items we could draw with, we were told we are not entitled to them and others deserve them more than ourselves.

Then he travelled to Port Macquarie, where he bought the boatshed and we were to start a new life, which burnt experiences into the souls of my brother and myself for ever, the unjust world as our experiences of life was our reality.

The latest news of a black person cannot breathe and the reality of these people as second class citizens not getting paid the same as the white man, not been given the same opportunities as the white man brought up all types of emotions as the narrow minded views was put forward and misleading from a programme on Channel 4 Rivers of Blood and the politicians point of view of people arriving to England and shaping the English way of life which he found not acceptable offending many races.

For centuries, the wealthy and the elite from religion and politics frowned down on others and put them into sections of society as not good enough or lower class. My own grandmother used say there are different classes of people and criticize those that she felt were not fit enough to be in her company, although I loved her dearly I would question this point of view.  I experienced this in my marriage where I was not accepted since I brought shame to the family from not being their religion and doing as they wished. With all this bureaucracy I understand how these people have had enough and it is time humans are treated equally and given the opportunities they deserve, life is not valued in many ways so no wonder we have protests and riots and unhappy citizens.

Back in the seventies if you did not have a proper home to live in or a mother you were an outcast, since our father was more interested in drink and the sort of people that lived to drink, both my brother and I were not worthy of attention when it came to school work or accepted the underlying pain of not being accepted at all and watching other children have what we were not considered worthy of having scarred us for life.

Peoples beliefs often come from their personal experiences and often shapes our lives until something knocks that path, sometimes acceptance a whole new way of learning and change in others attitudes, when you take a mixed raced child they are often more intelligent and lovely looking people they are so glamorous in many ways that others envy them.

From my own experiences of reading and working on my own path, learning and being with wonderful friends, black white different nations etc, I have lived a full life of love and friendship and understanding very different from the days of growing up.  Everyone wants to be accepted in some way and have a fair chance of living a good life, every person, every animal deserves this, so hopefully the message will get across every soul wants to have acceptance in some way.

People and animals do not ask to be born yet they come into this world for a reason, so why is the human race so destructive with so many narrow-minded views?

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