Mental Health

serene woman practicing yoga in forest
Mental Health is Feeling Good

Over the last few months there has been a lot media about mental illness and people not coping, so what is mental illness?

Who decides and how is this defined? If you take the pressures of today and the difficulty in having a secure and happy life from poor to the rich there are human internal struggles with suicide and broken relationships and isolation. Although now isolation and surroundings can play apart in feeling good and whether one’s thoughts are happy or sad or even reflecting with so much time to spare.

Like others my own human experiences has been very challenging and at times I guess I had mental illness with not having enough food and financial burdens and pressures of courts not providing a service and taking in to account all the facts this caused myself to feel suicidal because after all the years of working long and hard hours I was faced with loosing my home and everything I earned for the second time in my life, suddenly life had no meaning or purpose.

When life decisions are made a  human being may find themselves in unfavourable situations, a lot of mental health issues comes from abuse not feeling worthy no real connection no belonging, no future, and in some cases driving by addiction in gambling, drugs, alcohol and prostitution all of these down little the spirit and soul and is a hard road onto recovery hitting all walks of life.

If you look at the causes which as nations are not necessary understanding or helpful a change in the marketplace or climate, death, abuse or failing at a project or a job that is not fulfilling or dismissed. All of these add up to uncertainly although as beings we manage to get through somehow.

I will speak from experience mental health is when we exercise and eat properly respect ourselves learn to like ourselves and believe in what we are doing feel good about who we are, give time to those we love and treasure have goals in our life’s and learn new skills keep our minds active and seek to surround ourselves with love and beauty that makes us happy, standing up for our believes and strive for better and have faith stop listening or have negative people in one’s life.

People who do not abuse the wanders of the earth and enjoy every minute with a purpose often have more energy and feel energised therefore creating beauty around themselves the one lesson a lot of people are not taught is to fill yourself with happiness first and attract the ones you want to be with if the feeling is not good and does not fulfill your inner soul then it is not worth having. Disregard what others say they have their own reasons, most important person in your life is you and it is you that counts so be mentally healthy and get active, live life for every minute aim to really enjoy every minute, do not waste a minute of time put to good use once lost, time will be lost for ever so make the most of it.

Deal with any gremlins you have inside talk to those that can help, these experiences are only their at that time our bodies are forever changing and the refection on earth are a reflection of the foot prints in time new cells are developed all the time so make it a mission to look for good in the future and stay mentally well.









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