grayscale photography of woman inside jail
Crime does not Pay

Over the lock down I have managed to watch some television which I normally do not have time to do, one of the programs was on murder, I found this fascinating since when most killers were interviewed 90% of them had come from families that did not care, they were treated badly and devalued.

In the eighties when I got married their was a lot of pressure to have children this is the only reason to get married, the parents and grandparents should have the pleasure of the next generation, this was expected so they looked after you when you got old and you keep the human race going.

A child is for life and should be wanted first of all and should have the best chance in life, I can remember when both my brother and I lost our loved mother at a very early age the rejection we got from our piers and the feeling of never being good enough which stayed with both us for our lives, as a child my grandparents and parents to me was god, I admired them and treasured them and doted on every word.

I am not saying every child will grow up to be a killer with a bad childhood experience, although abuse and unwanted children often will become the killers of our streets because of rejection which with every memory and pain felt deep inside their cells in their body. No wander mental problems appear.

Children that come from brutal life styles often turn to drugs for comfort and the short lived feeling of pleasure which from drugs escalates mental issues, one experience leads into another then you have terrified horrific suffering to others that have been stolen of the life they deserve.

These people in jail for life limited from one bad experience to another, when I really think about these souls it saddens me that the help they needed was not their just rejection that causes them to make these terrible crimes conflicting misery and pain to others.

If you believe experiences live in the cells of living as well as memory then it is no wander that perception of the world through experience influences those souls I see this with every cat I save their personalities  being changed dramatically they become more affectionate and loving they make friends with the others and play together and all have a belonging, which has taught me that love and patience makes the world go around in a  great way.





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