woman looking at sea while sitting on beach
Lonely People

Today, with the epidemic I felt I should write about this, from my own personal experience the time I felt really lonely was when I was married I have never felt so alone, everyone was against me and my husband like my father really did not care and I was living with the enemy and not my closest friend. The other  time in my life I felt lonely was from rejection at school my brother and I with one other girl was left in an empty play ground while children who deserved a good time and had parents that could afford school trips.

We had the empty cement large space to star at while others enjoyed themselves, we were the rejects.

Loneliness comes from many situations a death, illness or injury, disability, or impairment even homelessness, domestic abuse or becoming a refuge and moving away from friends and families.

There are more than 9 million of us feel lonely, all or most of the time leaving one feeling  depression and anxiety.

It is a silent epidemic which leaves feelings of sadness, emptiness or distress an unwanted social isolation which affects the older generation they say you know when you are old is when you loose all your friends and family you are the only one left.

I often wander if this is feeling creating thought, as humans we have many thoughts, I have been on my own for many years now I have many pets that give me love and attention and do not feel lonely, I call my friends and I am at my happiest when I am doing a painting or creating something of beauty putting my full attention of love and thought into whatever I am creating.

Everybody wants to be valued and appreciated in some way when this does not happen mental health issues crop up, how amazing are the British people I can say I am so proud when you have Tom raising thousands for the NHS and beaming with friends and family and no time to feel lonely.

The Caribbean cooks that have grown from a small number of people to over 80 going across London to serve those in need giving their time and energy to cook and make sure people do not go hungry.

Our monarchy helping and keeping in touch with the ones in need, the internet giving up ways of communicating that we did not have before, getting out their and making a difference.

So is it that loneliness comes from not being active enough and not belonging, so my friends step up and be noticed you are not alone and do not need to be alone everyone is a diamond ready to shine.







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