The Most Precious Gift of All

a beautiful dog breed with a thick coat
Friendship and Love

Now is the time to write this, it is interesting in life most of us go through the dark times in life and want to give up and some sadly take their own lives,  or fight to live when faced with the end in sight, yet the most precious gift of all is life, yet humans often do not see this.

We see abuse and rejection of children, spouses, friends jealously and the light always seem brighter else where most of the time we want what we cannot have and not satisfied with who we are or what we own or where we are in life.

Yet it is simple, it is  hard for those that are not shown love and are subject to abuse which in return in a small amount of cases produces the devils on earth, taking life because it has no value or meaning with animals and people suffering, society not always recognizes the value in people and speaking from my own experience people will take advantage if they can, especially if they themselves have fallen on hard times or find an easy way to gain their own selfish gains.

To day it is harder than ever to realize the most precious gift of all, which is LIFE.

The people who are rich in life are the ones I believe that understand the beauty around them they have come to like themselves against all odds they have started to believe in themselves and know in their hearts they deserve the good things in life no matter what is thrown at them, they realize that to be truly happy is to be proud of your achievements no matter how small or big to have dreams and not listen to those who wish and do not act.

They realize the beauty of the birds singing and the beautiful butterfly flying around the meadow and the ease a tree or plant grows and blossoms.

The rivers, the rocks that took millions of years to form the coldness of the ocean and streams on your skin making you feel fresh.

The cats that meow and love you at night the dog that is your best friend, and the people that are their for you when you need them, the air you breath and the dreams you have.

The wild life that runs free and the exotic birds and small mammals that deserve to be here and the depths of the sea with fish and coral that has beauty like no other, the volcanoes and plantation and the riches of earth, learning new skills and experiencing life to the fullest enjoying friendships.

Every minute is to be valued because you do not know when nature will change, and that spoken word or action lost for ever.

Life is a challenge, it is to test you, can you go from nothing and create beauty and stand back and now you have really achieved against all odds.

Do you surround yourself with people that care and help you get your desired goal, or do you surround yourself with people that are like autumn leaves and found everywhere?




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