Cats Bond with Humans

woman carrying brown tabby cat
Loves me unconditionally

If you are thinking of having a perfect pet, I cannot think of any other animal than a cat, many say dogs are loyal however cats show the same bondage, I have rescued many cats, they show their gratitude in so many ways, they show true love,  I can say with so many they are challenging.

Cats will always come home when they know they are truly loved the only reason a cat will stray is if the cat is unhappy unlike a dog a cat will search for a home that is suitable to them and will look for  their person they want to care for them, unlike a dog a cat is a free spirit and will roam after all they are very similar to the big cats and many traits are very similar.

Cats you can be left on their own as long as they have a roof over their head and  food and water they are fine, they appreciate being taken care of and you do not have to walk a cat or put out in a pen or clean a pen just the cat tray.

They love attention and everyone have their own individual personality, they are funny and can lighten up your day, one of my friends looked after a dumped kitten and it took her out of her depression in a way the cat saved her.

Cats are very spiritual and are known to save lives through patting them and giving unconditional love elderly can benefit greatly since it helps them mentally with some conditions, a cat has been known not to leave their dying owner and can miss them so much they too can pass.

Cats get up to a lot of mischief and can be very entertaining, I have found never a boring moment, I get back massage my ears chewed in the morning and a gentle nudge from a little black cat in the morning my life is full of love and fun and plenty of laughs.

Cats do not go far and they always come home and I feel the attachment when someone comes, they will chew their tissues out their bag, or eat their pen so they cannot write or tell them off for not sitting the wright way but at the end of the day they run off if they think that person is going to take them away.

Want a perfect pet, get a cat.



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