industrial time

Industrial Time – How Time Has Changed?

silhouette of men in construction site during sunset

I was listening to the radio on the way to my client, they were speaking about the changes from 1800 to 1900 how in England people had invested in their own crops if they owned the land or not and grown their own vegetables, salted their meat which they kept in wooden vats in a cool part of the home, and the start of the work mans club where men would go for a drink and play cards or dominoes after work.

Industrial age is a period of history where changes in economic and social organization which began around 1760 in Great Britain and later in other countries this is where hand tools where replaced by power driven machines such as power loom and steam engine.

So the first revolution lasted from the 18th Century to about 1830 and was mostly confined to Britain, the second Industrial Revolution lasted from the mid-19th Century  until the early 20th century and took place in Britain, continental Europe, North America and Japan with such changes people where driven from some villages and complained about not being able to maintain their families how they used to.

The start of great achievements to some historians started around 1750 in both agricultural and industrial revolution and between these times the wars started which meant a change in the way food was provided with the making a tin can opener and tin food and a lot of the foods we now see on supermarket shelves.

From doing a little research I came across Charles Turnip Townshend who introduced the Norfolk to wheat turnips and barley clover to his farm and then Robert Bakewell used selective breeding to develop the New Leicester sheep and Arthur Young promoted new methods to a wider audience now times were changing.

Then transport and communications developed giving Britain the best and connected Railways transporting goods as well as canal routes. A move from agriculture to factory work which caused problems poverty increasing leaving many people without food and homes.

Therefore self help was very important in Victorian times in 1845 The Museums act gave town councils and large boroughs the power to set up museums and libraries for the public  in many towns night school education for working men and public libraries were built in many cities so that people had access to improve their lives  by visiting instead of spending their free time in pubs.

Of course we now  have the technical time with the  internet and it started me thinking about how things change with the pandemic are we going back in time from the fast life of cars and supermarkets with many shelves empty and the farmers not able to get their supplies out to growing our own and becoming more responsible with the way we get food into our homes, will waste be less and the earthly goods be appreciated or will we fall into the slums of life.

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